Shalom, welcome to my blog.

I’ve recently finished the first draft of an Old Testament Biblical-based romance. Although I did some research through writing that first draft, I’ve spent the last several weeks in a more in-depth research, and I’d like to share my findings.

Of course, my main resource for research has been the Old Testament, both in the New International and from The Jewish Study Bible. Other books I’ve pulled information from are Illustrated Dictionary of Bible Manners & Customs edited by A. Van Deursen and the Holman Illustrated Guide to the Bible by Mike Beaumont. I’ve also found some awesome resources on the Internet to help with the details of the Kohen, and of course, I’ve found some wonderful pictures depicting Judah.

I’m excited to be able to share my findings with you. My hope is to show you that the Old Testament is not dull, that it is, in fact, very interesting.

My prayer is that God may be glorified, and that your hearts may be drawn closer to His.

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