Covert Pursuit~Terri Reed

Boston homicide detective Angie Carlucci thought she was getting a much-needed vacation. But her Florida Keys holiday is interrupted when she sees someone dump a body bag in the ocean. In the tangle between arms dealers and treasure hunters, she’s the only witness—and the main target. Unless a certain boat captain can keep her safe…

A pretty cop complicating his mission—and endangering his cover— is the last thing federal agent Jason Bodwell needs. Yet the more Jason and Angie work together, the closer they grow. Jason’s willing to risk his life to solve the case…what will he risk for love?

It never occurred to me that I might like reading Romantic Suspense. Since I’m an avid Criminal Minds and CSI watcher, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. As I expected, Covert Pursuit is a fast-paced, suspenseful read. I couldn’t have picked a better book to break out of my historical-snob box.

Angie Carlucci stands by her morals, never once wavering from her faith in God, nor her duty to serve and protect. Jason Bodewell understands not all cases are black and white, especially when it’s personal. When Angie takes a vacation near the marina Jason is staked out at, his cover is threatened when she pushes the local law enforcement to get involved with an incident she witnesses. Can Angie learn the patience needed to solve the case and win Jason’s heart? Can Jason learn to trust God and walk away from revenge in order to be worthy of Angie’s love?

Terri Reed doesn’t mess around.  She packs a lot of action into a short amount of space. It was not overdone and I did not feel as if the story was lacking. Her characters are realistic and well drawn. She had me cheering for Dectective Carlucci and Agent Bodewell from his their first meeting.

Kudos to Terri for a job well done. I’m a new fan and will be looking into her backlist.

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