Why I Love Love Inspired

With my hectic life it’s not alway easy to find time to read for enjoyment. Since I’m an avid reader, picking up a book is like drinking water. Where water is vital for my physical health, reading is necessary for my mental health. That’s why I love Steeple Hill. Their stories are almost always hard to put down, and the smaller word count makes them less time consuming.

I’ll be honest with you though, I hadn’t always liked Steeple Hill. All right, if I’m to be totally truthful, I didn’t know Steeple Hill existed, and there was no way I was going to get caught looking through books titled the Greek Millionaire’s Secret Baby! Sheesh, my mother would suffer vapors if she ever caught me in that isle.

But somewhere along the way I discovered Love Inspired Historicals. The word Historicals had been enough to make me do a double take. And ever since the line began I’ve bought almost every single one released. Can you say I’m hooked?

And I won’t stop there. Only a few weeks ago I decided to expand my horizons a little. Love Inspired . . . SUSPENSE. And yep, I bought every one of them released during the month of May (I even reviewed them right here). Since, I’ve broadened my horizons from two books a month to eh, em . . . six I figured I probably better not buy them all at once.

Today, the choice was pretty easy for me. The first one I grabbed was Valerie Hansen’s, who is now one of my autobuy authors, The Doctor’s Newfound Family.

He found his calling ministering to the downtrodden in San Francisco. But in Sara Beth Reese, Dr. Cole Hayward finds something more. The beautiful young woman’s spirit and kindness warm Cole’s heart, but it’s her fearless determination that drives him to action. Sara Beth has vowed to clear the name of her murdered father, and she’ll face any obstacle to achieve her goal. Orphaned, alone in the world—except for the three younger brothers in her care—she needs Cole’s protection, whether she’ll admit it or not. As danger escalates, Cole will risk everything for the right to make this newfound family his to love and protect for a lifetime.

My second choice wouldn’t have been as easy, but since my time had been limited, and I wasn’t able to read through all the backcovers, I went for cover appeal.  Can you pick which one I chose?

If you picked Troubled Waters are correct.

He’s working for the Coast Guard, but that’s not Heath Gerlach’s only mission. He’s also an undercover FBI agent, and his target for investigation is his new partner, Tracie Crandall. With her blond hair and pretty blue eyes, Tracie looks sweet and innocent. But was she involved in her former partner’s crimes? Tracie won’t talk about it. Because she’s guilty? Or because she’s afraid to trust another partner? Just when Heath is sure he knows, a shocking revelation changes everything. Now all he wants is to keep Tracie safe…and give her a reason to believe in the power of love.

It took one second for me to flip the book over, see the word Coast Guard, skim to undercover FBI, before I tossed it into the cart.

You know, there are only seven more days before next week. Seven more days before I go grocery shopping again. Seven more days before I can toss another book into the cart. That is unless I decide to make a trip over the weekend. But what’s so cool is that because of the length of Steeple Hill, I’ll be ready for the next book.

Do you know which one I’ll choose next? I do.

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