Coast Guard – Hero/Heroine Material?

Do you ever notice trends when it comes to reading? I know there have been times when I would pick up book after book that seem to have the same sort of heroine. There have been times when I’ve purchased a few books and they all seem to have the same theme. Widowed Heiress Uncovers Assassination Plot Falls In Love With Spymaster. Here lately I’ve seen a lot of Cinderella type stories.

A trend I’ve noticed (of course I just started reading them) with Romantic Suspense is that one or the other, if not both hero and heroine, have something to do with the Coast Guard. I’ve read two released in the last month where at least one of the characters worked with the Coast Guard in Michigan. Now, I’m from Kansas. A body from Kansas doesn’t really think about the CG up in Michigan. And I’m thinking a body doesn’t really think about the CG doing much beyond . . . well beyond . . . hmm . . . .

Hmm, I know they rescue fishermen from The Deadliest Catch and I’m sure I’ve seen them on a show similar to Cops only off the coast of California patrolling the borders.

I’ve never put much thought into what the Coast Guard actually does, how they train, or what they train for. So I decided to go digging a little. What makes the Coast Guard good hero material?

Let’s begin with their motto.

“Semper Paratus” says it all.

Always Ready.

I’ll be posting videos on the Coast Guard, here and there, over the next several weeks. Some of these videos may be difficult to watch, but remember these men and women are training to protect us from all kinds of danger lurking around our coasts. And you wouldn’t want a weakling rescuing you from turbulent waters, now would you? Or drug smugglers? Or International kidnappers? Or Poachers? Or . . .

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