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Coast Guard-Hero/Heroine Material Part 2

I really wanted to write a review for Inspirational Romantic Suspense Troubled Waters by Rachelle McCalla, but I loaned it out. I suppose I could still write a review but I like to have book in hand when I write them. I can tell you I enjoyed the storyline and the characters. It’s one of those stories with Coast Guard heroes. It’s also the one that piqued my curiousity where the Coast Guard is concerned.

The more I read suspense the more ideas come to mind. I don’t think I’d ever write a contemporary suspense with a main character with the motto ‘Semper Paratus’, even though my great grandfather did just that out of Ludington, Michigan. But, while watching these videos I discovered a few different characteristics some that could definitely be used whether my hero/heroine was Coast Guard, Air Force, or even a local sheriff.

Here’s episode 2 of USCG bootcamp. It’s short. As you watch it what kind of characters do you see that you could possibly portray in your story? What about the drill sergeant? His accent is hard to miss, but did you see the gleam in his eye? He’s a man that exudes pride in his job, but he also looks like a man who takes great pleasure in what he does.

2 thoughts on “Coast Guard-Hero/Heroine Material Part 2”

  1. Hi Christina, I just happened across your blog and said to myself “Hey, I know her from ‘MBT Voices’.” Great blog. Definitely the sergeant stands out, to me he seems like he really loves what he’s doing and is doing it to better the soldiers, not to control them. I also noticed that several of the new recruits seem quite overwhelmed. There could be some interesting story applications there as well.

    I just started a blog on wordpress as well. It is readgreatfiction. Right now I’m trying to get established. I’ve been giving clues to see if anyone can figure out who my first author bio/book review will be.

    “See” you around 🙂

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