The day before, a large rattlesnake, attracted by the genial warmth near the stove, had, without waiting for invitation, or being assured of a welcome, crawled in through a huge crack, and stretched out his three feet of length. With a scream or two on the part of the lady, and some dexterous and telling blows by a stronger arm, his snakeship was rendered harmless, though a most ugly object. I noticed a bottle of medicine on the little white-covered table, and over it pinned upon the wall a recipe for rattlesnake bites, and a sure cure.

Kansas: Its Interior and Exterior Life by Sara Robinson
Chapter V Kansas Homes
You might be wondering why I’m placing information about rattlesnakes on my blog. It’s all in the name of research. I have a scene with a few rattlesnakes and I wanted it to be as close to realistic as possible. My findings, both with the snakes and the people who encountered them, amazed me. Poor dh has had an ear full.

*Picture taken from Herp Journal

Anyway, over the next few posts I’ll be posting on rattlesnakes. So if they give you the hebbie jebbies, I’m giving you fair warning now.
Post 1- rattlesnakes indigenous to Kansas
Post 2- encounters
Post 3- popular treatments amongst settlers
Post 4- the round-up

7 responses to “Rattlesnakes”

  1. In the part of Central Texas where I grew up, we had a more truly West Texas climate. Rattlesnakes and cactus and mesquite trees and zero percent humidity! I've been closer to the critters than I've ever wanted to be . . . but not close enough to need a “cure.” We did however have a HUGE rattlesnake roundup every year. I've even tasted the suckers–tastes like chicken, ya know. 🙂

  2. They had deep fried chunks for us to try, along with all the rattlesnake paraphenalia . . . I was young. lol But then again, I've also eaten “mountain oysters.”

  3. Brynna, you're killing me. But then I had Turtle sandwiches. I think. My dad could have been pulling my leg, but since he had just come back from New Orleans, who knows.

  4. My mother wanted to try it for years and years. Finally, when she was off traveling without me, she got a chance. When I asked how it was, she just kind of shrugged. I get the feeling you aren't missing out on much, but I'd still like to see for myself.

    I had alligator linguine once. It was a disappointment. Too fishy.

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