The Lawman’s Redemption by Pam Crooks

Grace Reilly is every inch a lady from Minneapolis’ High Society, but when her brother—her only living kin—seeks her help, little does she know he’s about to embroil her in his thirst for revenge against the man he believes responsible for their mother’s death.

Jack Hollister gave up his dream of being a lawman after he shot his outlaw father dead. Now he’s quite content living the cowboy life. But like any man with the law running through his blood he can’t walk away from an investigation. Especially when there is a damsel in distress. Even if she intends to shoot him dead where he stands.

“Grace, honey.” Jack smoothed her hair with slow, gentle strokes. “Reckon

you’re feeling about as low as anyone can get about now. But for what it’s worth to you, I’m here. And I’m not leaving until you feel better.”

She wanted him to go.

She wanted him to stay.

Mostly she wanted him to hold her.

“You d-don’t have to be nice to me, you know.” Grace hiccupped. “I just tried to shoot you dead.”

“Yeah, I know.” His thumb stopped a stream of tears and wiped them away. “I’m not real happy about that, but I guess I’ll have to forget about it for now.”

“Stay with me tonight,” she whispered.

“Don’t think you could keep me away.”

Sprinkled with historical figures, The Lawman’s Redemption is set in the Montana frontier. This Western is my first Pam Crooks book, and I am hooked. I love the world she has built around Great Falls, from the rutted snow covered streets to the small details of the barbershop. But let’s not stop there; Jack Hollister is one heck of a hero who knows how to get what he wants, and he has an eye for detail, especially where Grace is concerned. And Grace Reilly, well, she’s a perfect blend of outward composure and inner strength, even in light of her insecurities. She’s not afraid to face her adversaries, but of course, she knows Jack will come to her rescue.

The emotional strands of longing and forgiveness left me wanting more. The intimate details from simple hand holding to wiping away a tear wrapped around my heart and left me breathless. Even though The Lawman’s Redemption is the third in this trilogy, I hope Crooks continues to write stories set in Great Falls, Montana.

*On a side note, isn’t that cover hot?

You can purchase The Lawman’s Redemption here.

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