Worship through Music

Carbondale Fun Fest Christian Music

Some of you have already seen these videos. I decided to put them here too so that they were easily found. The quality isn’t the best since I tried to save memory by using the pc mode. Silly me thought pc mode would be all right on the, go figure, the pc. 😉 I guess I was wrong. I should have used the television mode. Next time I’ll know better.

This first video is of a man by the name of Charles Grey. He’s not singing, but as you’ll see, signing.

These next two are of New Life Wesleyan Worship Team. Please forgive the shakiness, I was trying to stay out of people’s way. In both pieces a fuse blew, but the team keeps right on playing. True musicians.

And, here is my husband. 😉

Even with the technical difficulties and the accompaniment of an ATV, we had a wonderful time.

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