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A Rare Sighting

I saw something last night that I don’t see much of around here anymore, unless of course the 4-H fair is in session. And by here, I mean in the city, not that Topeka is a big city but it’s the biggest in these here parts.

I guess you’re wanting to know what it is I saw. No, it wasn’t a fox or a coyote, although they do tend to roam around in our little neighborhood. And it wasn’t a bobcat. I’ve heard tales that they exist in our neck of the woods, but I have yet to see one. AND no, it wasn’t a sasquatch (yes, I’ve heard those tales too)! Just to let you know, I sleep well at nights because we are surrounded by treeless fields, and I’m quite certain Bigfoot would not venture too close to a place he cannot hide from human eyes.

So what was it I saw, you ask? A cowboy. Not one of those I’m a hunter-wanna-be-cowboys, and not one of those I’m-a-hick-with-a-plot-of-land-and-a-four wheeler kind of cowboy, but a real honest to goodness cowboy.

Why is this of interest to me? A few months back I had an idea for a romantic suspense story. One that I want to set in Kansas, but I needed it to be unique. So I had decided that a cowboy would suit my hero nicely, but as I scoped out possible visual players for my hero all I kept coming up with was the typical Wranglers, t-shirt, baseball cap and boots. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I wanted something more. Someone like a younger version of Mantracker.

But did someone like that exist in Northeast Kansas, or were the wide-rimmed-cowboy-hat, wrangler-wearing-cowboys found only in Hollywood and the ranches of Montanna? After several months of searching I found him, and it wasn’t at my local Tractor Supply. Nope, this cowboy was driving a newer diesel pick-up extended cab, pulling a trailer behind it. And he had on a white wide-rimmed cowboy hat. In the few seconds it took him to drive by, I noticed a few other things too. In the middle seat was a baseball cap wearing cowboy, and next to him was another cowboy with a black cowboy hat. There was no need for him to pull over for me to investigate what kind of jeans he was wearing; they were Wranglers, no doubt.

The funny thing is, as much as I thought he was an oddity, he looked at me and my walking partner as if we had stepped straight off of the mothership. *grins*

Whether or not I had actually found my cowboy, I still would have used one in my story (only mine would be wearing a nice pair of Levi’s), but at least now I know they do exist. They might be a rare sight outside of the local rodeo, but they’re a real thing.

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  1. I enjoy spotting them myself. They are thick at the sale barn in Fort Scott most Saturdays. And it's fun picking out the “real” cowboys vs. the “I wanna be” cowboys.

    Farm boys are pretty great, too. 🙂

  2. Gillian, I've never been to a sale barn, but my in-laws go all the time. Not sure what I'd find there. Probably the farm boy variety but it might be worth the trip to see.

    And I agree farm boys are pretty great.

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