The Sheriff’s Sweetheart~Laurie Kingery

Back Cover Blurb

He needs to turn his life around . . . and Simpson Creek, Texas is the perfect place to do it. On the run from his dangerous past, Sam Bishop is happy to find a town seeking “marriage-minded bachelors.” A wealthy wife is just what he needs to make his gambling problems disappear. But when Prissy Gilmore catches Sam’s eye, she proves to be much more than a rich match. Sam wants to deserve her, wants to become sheriff and protect her hometown–wants to be the man she believes him to be. Yet the true test is waiting, when his past returns to challenge his future.

The first time I picked up a Laurie Kingery book I knew she had something special and she became an automatic buy. When the Brides of Simpson Creek hit the shelves I immediately fell in love with her unlikely heroines and out-of-the-box heroes. I had become so accustomed to Kingery’s heroines that I had doubts she’d pull off a somewhat normal heroine.

Am I glad I was wrong. Prissy Gilmore’s quiet strength and faith drive Sam Bishop’s need for change by drawing him to her. And Sam Bishop experiences God’s grace and mercy, not only through the town’s preacher, but also through an unlikely source.

Kingery does an excellent job of drawing the reader in and keeper the reader engaged. Without giving away any of the story line, let me just say that The Sheriff’s Sweetheart is a definite keeper.

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