Whoa! A V-8 Moment

I know I’m a little thick around the edges. And I’m not always the sharpest tool in the shed. Believe me when I say I don’t always get dumb blonde jokes.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been struggling. It’s difficult to untie a group of knots if you don’t know which one to untie first. Last weekend I attended a small Christian writer’s conference. I went knowing I had a divine appointment. What that particular divine appointment was I’m still trying to figure out, but after the Opening Keynote given by the awesome Terry Burns, I rushed to my room and wanted nothing more than to throw myself on the hotel bed and cry.

No, he didn’t attack personally attack me. He talked about being called to write verses an offering.  When I began writing about five years ago, I knew it was a calling. Ever since I’ve decided to write in the Inspirational market I feel like I’ve been floundering.  And not very gracefully.

A while back during my prayer time over my writing, God distinctly told me to finish a particular project. Now this particular project isn’t necessarily Inspirational but there is a lot of faith woven into the pages. Why would God want me to focus on a non-inspirational project when I have two other projects that are Inspirational?


What I do know is that last night while I was out walking and praying–more like wallowing in self-pity–God distinctly said, “I told you to finish LATP.” My particular response was much like a teenager’s. “If you want me to finish it then give me the time to do it. And by word, make the words flow during the few minutes I might have when I do sit down to write.”

Well, later in the evening my brain cleared enough and ideas began to flow on how to end the book. Of course, in order for the ending to work I have to make a few changes to the middle.

Anyway, back on to the WHOA!  I’m called to serve God, be a wife and a mother. Those things obviously come first in my life. Other things in my life are like offerings. When I write blogs, devotionals, lead a Bible study, and encourage other writers, those things along with all those other little things are all offerings. They are above and beyond my callings, yet the offerings tend to come before some of my callings.

It was very clear to me earlier this afternoon that as long as my priorities are out-of-order things just won’t fall into place as they should.

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