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Dueling Identities

Have you ever met yourself coming and going? It seems that is all I have been doing. It's like my two identities are stuck in a revolving door.I've been trying to figure out my place in this writing world, which has left me in the driver's seat wandering around aimlessly. That's not to say that… Continue reading Dueling Identities

Book Review

You Were Made to Make A Difference

Carrying on from my last post geared towards young teens, I'd like to share with you another awesome book. Want to change the world? Did you know You Were Made to Make a Difference? This adaptation of Outlive Your Life for teens offers practical tips youth can take out into their community to make a… Continue reading You Were Made to Make A Difference

Book Review

iShine Bible-Totally for Tweens

Check it out!  I was so excited to see these in the mail. What are they, you ask? Well, they're Bibles. Totally for Tweens' Bibles! These Bibles utilize current media forms, such as Smartphones and the Internet to connect Tweens to the Gospel. The New Living Translation gives tweens the ability to understand the scriptures… Continue reading iShine Bible-Totally for Tweens