Evenly Yoked Critique Partners

I constantly hear about writing partners getting together for little weekend retreats where they brainstorm, write and encourage each other. I think it is wonderful that writers, who most by nature are recluses, can find their way out of their comfort zone and fellowship with other people.

Where do writers find these like-minded people? Online, conferences, writer’s groups etc?

I’ve been writing near six years and I’ve met some wonderful people. I’ve even traveled to D.C. for a writer’s conference and met most of them face to face. But since all of us are scattered, literally two in the Midwest, two on the East coast, one in Europe and two near the Canadian border, it’s not realistic for us to get together very often. Sadly, in the last year we’ve all drifted. We’ve moved in different directions or life has taken over and so we don’t even critique for each other any more. It disheartens me because this was like my group of besties. They got me. They accepted me. Fully and completely.

What saddens me even more is that I can’t seem to find another group to connect with so completely. It seems everyone already has their ‘set’ with no more room for another. I feel like that kid waiting to be picked only to be forced on the team because there was no one else to choose from. (Yeah, maybe I’m feeling a little bit of self-pity here. Not good!)

I tried a few through my RWA groups, but I need  partners that won’t hesitate to offer up prayers on my behalf. I have found a wonderful group of critiquers through ACFW but that personal connection seems to be missing. And I don’t see us getting together for a cup of mocha or even retreating to a cabin for a writer’s weekend. And although I don’t think getting together for retreats a complete necessity I think it helps forge life long friendships, which in turn adds to the relationship needed for a solid critique group.

I’ve been praying about this. At first I wondered if God wanted me to continue on my own Well, of course with Him at the helm. Even now I’m not completely sure what His plans are for me or what writing partners He has in store for me so, I’ll continue to wait on Him in this area. One thing I do know is that any writing relationship should be evenly yoked.

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