Me Again

It’s me again. Yeah, I couldn’t come up with a better title. I was actually going to talk about the ACFW Conference, the one I didn’t get to go to, but since conferences seem to be about pressing forward, I thought I’d share with you my new focus.

I know I’ve talked about moving on to the next project, at least I think I have. Anyway, I’m really excited. I’ve made a few decisions that I’m comfortable with for the time being.

1. I’m going to work on plotting a story set around 1860s. It’s set here in Kansas in a town that was once a promising center. Now, it’s little more than a ghost town, but the history is rich and colorful. I also can’t wait to incorporate Bleeding Kansas.

2. While I’m plotting, I’ll be hard at work revising my Biblical Romance. I was a bit hesitant. However, the story won’t let me go and I believe God is urging me to see this one all the way through. I’ll be blogging about that particular project at Christina Rich.

3. I have another project that is in the beginning stages. It’s non-fiction and completely out of my comfort-zone. I have no idea if it’ll end up being just a blog forum or if it’ll turn out to be a full blown book. We’ll see. Whatever it is, it is all at the urging of my Lord and Savior. I won’t tell y’all what it is for now. Just know I’m super excited about this project. I already have pages and pages of notes and an outline. I need to find my scripture references and write it. 😉

4. All right, this is the biggie. I’m considering changing Renee Lynn Scott to my real name. I plan on keeping the blog template and blogger, but I’m not sure what all is involved with changing the domain name. I had wanted to keep RLS for my Westerns and Pioneers and use Christina for Biblical only. Now, I’m not so sure. And since every writer from here to Katmandu has an opinion, I’m not sure what is best for me. For now I’ll keep RLS, but just be aware that it might change in the near future.

I love having a focus. It seems to make me breathe easier and my head not ache as bad.

Tonight I’m going to visit the library and load up on a few research books. And wouldn’t you know it they have nothing to do with the eras I’m working on. Well, I might be able to get one or two.

I’ll post in the next few days and let you know what books I’m reading for research.

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