Endless Revisions

Have you ever thought you needed to call someone just to catch up and then you realize months later you still haven’t called? The longer time passes, the harder it seems it is to make that call. That’s how I feel about blogging.


There was a time when I lived for blogging. There was a time when I blogged on multiple sites every day. I’m not sure what has changed other than my priorities.


I have two stories that are in, what I hope to be, the final revisions. So much of my free time is wrapped up in them.


Speaking of revisions, I’m in the seventh round on one story. As you can imagine it’s like listening to the same song over and over. After awhile it becomes–old. I mean seriously, I rarely read any book more than once, so, after the seventh time my eyes are beginning to cross.


But there is a scripture found in I Thessalonians 5:18 that says we should give thanks for everything. This includes revisions, no matter how frustrating the prospect of opening the file may be.


I’m trying to have an attitude of gratitude even through trials and tribulations. And trust me when I say we’ve been going through a few. So, when I look at a manuscript that I have prayed over multiple times, and know that it still needs work, I thank God and pray that this next round will be even better than the last. However, after this morning’s little foray into my manuscript, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe I’m taking two steps backwards. And I remember feeling the exact same way with the last set of revisions.


How do I know I’m progressing forward and not backward? I don’t. All I can do is invite God into my circumstances and trust in His guidance, even if the revisions seem endless.

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