Well . . .a tiny bit of news

yeah, I know I’ve been off the blogsphere for a while. Mainly because any free time I had in the past has been zapped up by taking a few college classes. It was a decision that didn’t come lightly several weeks ago, but now that I’m half way through semester I’m glad I did. The knowledge I’m gaining will be useful to dh’s business.

Other news, revisions on my Western are complete. Now, I have to send the manuscript off to my cps for a last read through.

Also, I just granted permission for a short contemporary inspirational romance to be published. I don’t have the complete details now, but I will share them with you when I do. It’ll be interesting to see what, if any, feedback I receive on this very short story since contemporaries are completely out of my comfort zone.

I’m waiting, a bit anxiously, for news of the Golden Heart finalists. I didn’t enter but I do know several people who did.

I’ve really been missing the blogsphere and I think I’m getting to a point where I can jump back in at least once a week.


Happy Tuesday,



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