A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee–Review & Book Giveaway

A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee

Heaven’s Stolen His Heart

After witnessing the ravages of the Civil War, Travis Logan vowed to give up doctoring. But when fellow steamboat passenger Caleb Wharton collapses at his feet, Travis knows he must lend his aid. As the old man lies dying, he makes Travis promise to take care of his land and find Heaven. Travis can’t help but wonder what Heaven has to do with a real place, so he heads to Caleb’s farm to fulfill his promise.

Weeks of facing marauders and caring for her father’s home have finally taken their toll on Heaven Wharton. When an unknown young man charges the house, Heaven attempts to fire a warning shot but ends up shooting the man instead. Shocked, she and her sister, Angel, drag a semi-conscious Travis into the house and nurse him back to health.

As Travis and Heaven both struggle to control their destinies, will they learn that only a heart that follows God can ever find peace on earth?

I often measure a book by how many times I put it down. If it’s a straight read through obviously it’s a five star rating. If I’m looking to see if I can read the book in fourths or sixths it doesn’t rate too high. A Bride’s Dilemma is one of those books that engaged me from chapter one and I just could not put down. It kept me up until three a.m.. I had to put it down because my eyes were too tired to continue. I picked it back up first thing in the morning, but soon had to put it down, much to my irritation, to head to a meeting. I took the book with me and got caught trying to finish up a chapter while visiting friends. Yes, I know. It sounds rude, but the book is that good. Besides, I only had two pages to finish the chapter and it was in the middle of a high dramatic episode.

Friendship and the struggling farm, where the story is set, is a perfect mix for the setting and nicely represents the characters past, present and futures. Brandmeyer did a great job creating realistic characters dealing with tough situations. The main characters are so well drawn that it’s easy to become invested emotionally.

The hero, Travis Logan, has a gentle strength about him that is refreshing and a unique fit for the heroine. Heaven Wharton puts to practice her genteel raising, but she has a spirited stubbornness about her that’s not over-the-top. And  little Angel Wharton, whose perceptions and say-it-like-it-is tendencies are much more on spot than the seeing adults, is an adorable addition.

A Bride’s Dilemma is filled with cherished moments, heartache, and tough decisions but it all leads up to the promised happy ending. I look forward to reading future stories from Brandmeyer.

Christian author, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, writes historical and contemporary romances. She’s also written We’re Not Blended-We’re Pureed, A Survivor’s Guide to Blended Families. Once widowed and now remarried she writes with humor and experience on the difficulty of joining two families.

www.pencildancer.com (blog)

Diana has been kind enough to give away a copy of A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, TN all you have to do is answer the following question. Have you ever encounter a book you just could not put down? What was it?

U.S. only, please.

17 responses to “A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee–Review & Book Giveaway”

  1. Christina, Why haven’t I been to your website before? I’ve been missing so much.

    To answer the question: I’ve encountered a number of books that I just could not put down. I just reread Mary Connealy’s “Sharpshooter in Petticoats” and even the second time it was hard to walk away from. Previous to that book, I would say “To See the Sun” by Peggy Blann Phifer.

    • Ginger, thank you for stopping by. I love Mary Connealy books. I have a lot of catching up to do in reading her books though. I’m looking forward to this summer and some free time.

  2. Yes, I hate to leave many books I read, but one recently that I remember especially was Over the Edge by Brandilyn Collins. It is about a lady with debillitating lyme disease, and you can tell that Brandilyn has experienced her own fight against this malady, making it seem so real.

    I would love to read Diana’s book also after your great recommendation, so please enter me in the drawing. crmcc at setel dot com Thanks!

  3. i just read jordyn redwood’s debut Proof and i couldn’t put my phone down (was reading on kindle app). i was reading it in the bathroom, at work, at dinner….love it when a book captures you!

    and i love the premise of this book! i’m anxious for an introduction to a great new (to me) author!

    the character therapist

    • Jeannie, I can’t imagine reading on a phone! I think my eyes would hurt. I’ve heard of Proof. I might even have it on my Kindle. I’ll have to see.

      You’ll love Diana’s book.

  4. Christina, thanks for the great interview with Diana. Book I couldn’t put down? It would have to be two: The Familiar Stranger by Christina Berry and Rooms by James Rubart.

    I grew up in Tennessee and would love to read this book.

    • Jo, I love finding books written in my home state. I like to see if they can color the setting as well as I see it. I haven’t read Christina Berry or James Rubart, but I’ll have to check them out if you couldn’t put them down.

  5. I”ve already got the book, so don’t enter me. But can’t wait to read it. It’s next on my pile! Love the cover and the author.

  6. I am currently reading a fairly good book, but I think I have figured out part of the story. I like to be surprised. This book sounds good, and I saw that you were unable to put it down. LOL

    • Tammy, I like wondering how a book is going to end too. There were times during Diana’s story that I had to wonder. And once I thought I had it all figured out and something changed. I really look forward to her next book.

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