Random Thoughts Running through My Head about Writing

-Sometimes you just have to write. It doesn’t have to make sense. The words only need to be written.

-I truly am happy for all the good news coming across the wires. Really, I am. 😉

-Sure, I can write for an hour.

-Okay, scratch that. Something came up.

-If I wrote what I really wanted to, I’m sure I’d have to be in protective custody.

-Real-life really is stranger than fiction.

-Just because I can wait at the doctor’s office for hours on end without complaint doesn’t mean I have patience.

-What’s up with no simultaneous submission?

-You’re kidding, right? No simultaneous submissions and you have six months to a year turn around? (JJ)

-I’m sure my muse would work much quicker and more efficiently if I doodled.

-Why am I even on the computer?

-I will not find a long awaited email on my facebook status. No matter how many times I check it.

-I should be writing.

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