Day 7 NaNo and Guest Blogging

Today looks like a busy day. As Tina Radcliffe reminded me yesterday, the realities of a writer’s life begins. It’s a little daunting but I’m up for the challenge.

Things I hope to accomplish today:

1. Try and write as close to 4500 words on my new ms as possible. I don’t have high hopes as this is one of my lesser priorities today.

2. Get started on my edits. A top priority.

3. Critique for my cps. Another top priority, besides I love reading the stories these gals write.

4. Help a friend get ready for ACFWs First Impressions contest

5. School the kid. Highest priority

6. Get some office work done for the shop. 2nd highest priority.

7. Completely recover from bronchitis (it’s lingering)

8. Clean the house, a little. Not so high on the priority list. 😉

Today I’m at Power Up With God’s Word. I’m talking about an incident where God showed up in a miraculous way. You can find the post here


How is NaNo going for you?



3 responses to “Day 7 NaNo and Guest Blogging”

  1. Hi, Christina! I signed up again for NaNo after participating for two years. I so like the idea of all the other writers working away together during November. I’m not making much progress this year, but ANY progress is progress. I like your idea of posting planned accomplishments for the day. Wishing you good luck on your goals!

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