ACH!!! NaNo Day 12

So, it’s day 12. How’s it going? For me not so well. I’m 12,288 words behind my goal. Pretty sad, huh? Well, I had to take a break and focus on office stuff for hubs. A top priority. Then I decided to work on edits for my contracted project. And I didn’t stop. I’ve been working non-stop since Friday, minus a few hours for sleep and an hour to buy yarn, another hour to grocery shop.

I’m happy to say, the edits are done. Well,I have a few questions that I’m waiting to be answered, but hopefully I can get them sent and hopefully they’ll be approved. I have to say, it’s absolutely a huge blessing to have a guided hand when editing.

After some much needed rest, I intend on getting back to writing on my NaNo project.


Go NaNoers! You’re almost to the halfway mark.

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