Writers Beware

Way back when, when I first stared writing, it was a common thing for newer authors to post excerpts on their blogs, websites, etc. I guess they were hoping that an agent or editor just so happen to stumble upon their excerpt, fall in love, and offer a contract.   The only writers I’ve heard this happen to are Golden Heart finalists, and it’s not because their excerpts were stumbled upon. No, it’s because they were finalists in a prestigious contest.

Well, me not knowing any better, followed the leaders. I posted excerpts. Not just in case, but more for my readers to see what I was up to. After a recent conversation with a contest coordinator, I learned that editors don’t like for you to have excerpts published anywhere. This doesn’t just hold true for self-published and electronically published formats. This includes personal blogs, guest blogs, websites, etc, etc.

After this conversation, I searched all over, cause you know, I’ve blogged a lot of places these last seven years, and removed excerpts. I closed down one blog completely because I had no idea what all I had posted over the years I blogged there.

I’ve since discovered this to be true. So, if you have excerpts posted on your blogs and websites you might consider removing them.

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