January 3rd

Well, I worked on my manuscript for one hour today. That is two days in a row. I made it through one chapter and added four hundred thirty-nine words. Seems slow, but as I’ve said before progress forward is a good thing.

I got excited when I did a little more research on historical sutures. It was like riding a roller coaster for the first time, well I guess, it would be if you’re excited about riding them and not scared. Anyway, I found quite a bit of information in just a few short pages in a paper written back in the 1970s. If I remember correctly the paper was written for a medical journal. I’ll have to write more on it later. What’s cool is the idea I had for an earlier story, but scratched because I cut the prologue I was able to implement into this new story. Most of the ideas I had for a particular scene I’ve been able to use. Saweeet!

I also added my finds, by using a screen shot, into OneNote, so I’ll have it for later when/if I’m asked about my research.

Soon, when I have more time, I’ll write a blog sharing some of my research.

Have you ever found a research item that really excited you? What was it?

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