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The Reluctant Earl by C.J. Chase (review)

  Alone in a gentleman's bedchamber, rummaging through his clothing—governess Leah Vance risks social ruin. Only by selling political information can she pay for her sister's care. And the letter she found in Julian DeChambelle's coat could be valuable—if the ex-sea captain himself had not just walked in.  As a navy officer, Julian knew his… Continue reading The Reluctant Earl by C.J. Chase (review)


Taking Every Thought Captive

I am typically a very shy, very introverted person. Most writers are. We like our caves. We like characters so we can manipulate their lives the way we wish without having to deal with a bunch of drama. So, I guess it's no surprise that my people skills are thoroughly lacking. Okay, well let's just… Continue reading Taking Every Thought Captive

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Final Resort by Dana Mentink (Review)

  Ava Stanton has no need for love or tales of hidden treasure—until her uncle is kidnapped at her family's ski resort. Now she needs help from professional treasure hunter Luca Gage…the man she'd tried to forget. Signs point to a fortune hidden in the mountain, and Ava and Luca need to find her uncle… Continue reading Final Resort by Dana Mentink (Review)


Ash Wednesday 2013

As I looked at the calendar and realized Ash Wednesday was approaching a certain sadness came over me. New Life, the church where we attended an Ash Wednesday service last year, no longer exists. And I don’t know of any other churches holding service. But that is okay. On Sunday, Pastor Tim, at the new church we are attending, spoke on this very thing. No, not about Ash Wednesday, but on doing without. Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, God has been speaking with me about doing away with things. Gaining self-control over my desires, like chocolate and Pepsi as well as several other things. It’s not so much about doing without as it is self-discipline. Whenever I had a craving for a Reese’s my reaction was immediate, there was no denying, and if for some reason I couldn’t sink my teeth into that chocolate covered peanut butter, I’d become grumpy.

I had no discipline whatsoever. So, on Sunday, knowing my tendency to be wishy-washy when it comes to good intentions. I made a choice to do without for two reasons. One, to practice self-discipline. Two, for my health.

So, I guess in a way, even though I don’t get to attend service, I will be participating in Lent.

Experience the Happily Ever After

I’ve never been one to celebrate ‘traditional’ holidays that date back to the 900s. And I’ve never been one to observe Catholic rituals. After all, much to my poor mother-in-law’s chagrin, I’m not Catholic.

Of course, the Catholic Churches aren’t the only ones dusting their foreheads in ash on this good Wednesday. Many other denominations will be participating in this ritualistic act of repentance.

Truly I am no scholar and I have not a single hour of theology beneath my belt, and to be honest, I may have heard of Ash Wednesday, but only in passing. This time last year was the first I had actually participated, and for the life of me I can’t remember the events of the evening.

My first question whenever I come across a religious ritual is to see if it has any Biblical basis.

Job said in reply to the Lord: I know that You…

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Book Review, Faith

Jeremy Camp’s I Still Believe (Review and Giveaway)

Christian recording artist Jeremy Camp has written songs that have touched millions of lives. His lyrics reveal a heart that’s been broken and a faith that has been tested and restored. In I Still Believe, Jeremy shares, with unflinching candor and emotion, the extraordinary story behind his award-winning lyrics–from his impoverished childhood, rebellious teenage years,… Continue reading Jeremy Camp’s I Still Believe (Review and Giveaway)

Book Review

Key Witness by Christy Barritt (Review)

When Elle Philips witnesses an armed robbery while standing in line at the bank, she sets into motion a deadly game of cat and mouse. Mark Denton, a security contractor and former navy SEAL, also witnesses the robbery, and is hired by Elle's father to keep his daughter safe following the incident. And while Denton's… Continue reading Key Witness by Christy Barritt (Review)

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Letting It All Go

For the last few weeks we've been attending a new church. I love my other church, and hope to one day visit, but after a month of illness and some scheduling conflicts it seemed God was pushing us in another direction. I'll admit that that first week I walked in with preconceived notions. I'm not… Continue reading Letting It All Go

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Finding That Uncommon Love

 I grew up in a family were divorce is common, like most people today, with the idea once you “fall” out of love, and you can’t get along  anymore, it’s time to get a divorce. It was almost engraved in me witnessing everyone in my family get divorced one time or many times. I, too,… Continue reading Finding That Uncommon Love