Key Witness by Christy Barritt (Review)

key witnessWhen Elle Philips witnesses an armed robbery while standing in line at the bank, she sets into motion a deadly game of cat and mouse. Mark Denton, a security contractor and former navy SEAL, also witnesses the robbery, and is hired by Elle’s father to keep his daughter safe following the incident. And while Denton’s desire to protect Elle goes beyond professional bounds, he cannot let personal desires cloud his judgment—judgment he’ll have to rely on when the robbers’ true motives are revealed…and Elle becomes a target in the ultimate plot of revenge.

Key Witness is an edge-of-the-seat, nail-biting suspense.

I’m a total Criminal Minds nut. I’m also addicted to Crime & Investigation Network as well as ID. I’m also a cop errrrr retired Highway Patrolman’s daughter. So, I love all this investgational stuff. And I have to say Christy Barritt impressed me with her ability to bring it all on the page. I mean all. There is so much packed into this book, and I absolutely love, love, love that I was unable to figure out ‘whodunit’.

Kudos, Christy!!!!

Oh, I suppose y’all want to know about the romance, huh? Yeah, well you’ll just have to read it to find out. I will tell you Mark Denton is absolutely hero worthy.

You can find out more about Key Witness and even purchase it here

*This book was provided to me by the author. Her generosity has in no way shape or form, yada, yada influenced my opinion.

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