The Reluctant Earl by C.J. Chase (review)

The Reluctant Earl


Alone in a gentleman’s bedchamber, rummaging through his clothing—governess Leah Vance risks social ruin. Only by selling political information can she pay for her sister’s care. And the letter she found in Julian DeChambelle’s coat could be valuable—if the ex-sea captain himself had not just walked in.

 As a navy officer, Julian knew his purpose. As a new earl, he’s plagued by trivialities and marriage-obsessed females. Miss Vance’s independence is intriguing—and useful. In return for relaying false information, he will pay her handsomely. But trusting her, even caring for her? That would be pure folly. Yet when he sees the danger that surrounds her, it may be too late to stop himself….

There isn’t a thing that I do not like about this book. The conflict is a unique twist on the tried and true governess meets Earl Regency style romance. Leah and Julian truly pop off the pages. From the beginning, even though he thinks he is not Earl material, Julian proves otherwise. Of course, his take charge attitude comes from his Naval career and leading men into battle, as does his care for those around him. Leah is pretty much alone in the world commits treason against her country to care for her sister. Leah is intelligent, not a simpering miss, but what I love the best about her is her motives are pure and unselfish.

There are so many things to like about this book but the best parts are the intelligent banter between Julian and Leah, the mystery, and the romance.

Five stars all the way.

You can purchase The Reluctant Earl from Harlequin or Amazon.

*This book was provided to me by the publisher. Their generosity has in no way shape or form, yada, yada influenced my opinion.


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