Calling an Audible

As my friend and critique partner, Carol Moncado, calls it.

That’s what I did. Not sure it’s the ‘right’ decision, but it’s what I’m doing.

As many of you know I’m participating in Seekerville’s Speedbo. When I first sent in my goals for the month of March I had just submitted my second manuscript to my editor. I didn’t expect to hear back for a few months. So, at that time I had decided to work on a new story completely unrelated to my first and second books. It wouldn’t do me any good to write book three if book two didn’t sell, right? Not that these books are a series or anything, but they are somewhat related. The hero of book two is the brother of the hero in book one and my intended hero for book three, if all goes well and my editor likes book two, has parts in book one and two.

After I had finished the first half of my goal for Speedbo, a proposal (first three chapters and a synopsis) for the new story, I realized I couldn’t do, shouldn’t work on the second half of my goal, completing a pioneer set story, which due to the nature of the story I’m not sure will do well in the CBA market. Due to an unexpected turn of events, I now know I should go ahead and write a proposal for book three. You know, just in case.

So, I called an audible and with only nine days left in Speedbo. Not sure I’ll meet my personal goal, even with this change. It took me three weeks to finish the first proposal. Unless I’m struck with an enormous amount of inspiration and writing ability it won’t happen.

I pray it does. I’ve been praying over book three for a few weeks now. I was even up at 3 a.m., the morning before I changed my plans, with visions of how the scenes would play out. However, as soon as I sit down to work on the plot my mind goes blank.

I’m going to keep praying and asking God for inspiration. Maybe my change of plans will turn out to be a bad call, then again, it may be the right one.

Have you ever changed your writing plans at the last moment? Was it the right decision?

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