Uncommon-Setting the Bar

What does Good Friday mean to you? Your kids have a day off from school? A shopping day to fill those kids’ Easter baskets?

Good Friday represents that day Jesus Christ, son of the Most High God, was crucified. If Jesus wanted to he could have called out any command and halted the pain and suffering he endured. But he chose not to. He chose to remain on the cross because he loved us. Just like he chose to set aside his deity and take the form of man so that he could walk among us and call those of us who choose to believe in him friend.

Jesus choose to love us.

Jesus choose to set aside his deity.

Jesus choose  to die for us so that we might spend eternity in fellowship with him and his Father.

No other god has ever given such a personal sacrifice, one to redeem all of mankind if only they would choose to believe.

Jesus set the bar and none has surpassed it, no one ever will.


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