Ancestry (postponed) & Happily Editor After Information

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I know my family, and as I’m finding out some of my readers, enjoyed last week’s ancestry bite. I had intended on doing another one today. However, the weekend totally got away from me and I’m prepping for an out of town trip and trying to make arrangements. It seems we need weeks to prepare for a few days’ absence.

My ancestry post will return next Monday, April 8th.

And here’s some helpful information for Happily Editor After participants.

For those of you who are participating in the upcoming Happily Editor After pitch session, the editors have something they started today that will run for the week to help craft your pitch. There is a thread on that shares the pitches that sold from last years Speed Dating with an Editor pitch session with commentary from Emily Rodmell on what drew her attention to the pitch. This is to help you see how to craft the most effective pitch.

I have a busy week ahead, but I will try to drop in on the forum as well. I look forward to hearing exciting news from each of you.



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