Journey to Publication: What would you like to know?

I had taken a bit of a hiatus from writing. Mainly because I had some other commitments that had deadlines. And so that I why I haven’t been blogging too regularly. But I think I’m ready, at least to start writing again. Actually, I’m one of those people who are happier when I’m writing. If I go too long without putting pen to paper I start getting into a bit of a funk. The cool thing is, even though I haven’t actually been writing, I have been working on writing related things. I’ve been reading craft books, judging contests, working on my art facts sheet for my very first book, and I’m still trying to find an agent so I’ve slowly been querying and submitting my work.

I’ve also been thinking about dedication pages for my two contracted books. I don’t think anyone really realizes how much thought goes into a dedication page unless they’ve written one before, especially for a first book. There’s only so much space, and a whole lot of people who should be thanked, and a whole lot more who think they should be thanked. 😉 And to be honest, I’m the type of person that when cornered that I’ll do something completely outlandish, like thank my gerbil that I don’t own. Of course, rational thought will return and I’ll properly thank those who’ve prayed and supported my dream of publication.

Something I’ve been thinking about, brainstorming really, is ideas for this blog. I want to take each Wednesday and focus on writing, but I know there are plenty of blogs out there that do that. So, I thought I’d ask you all what sorts of things would you like to know about the publishing journey? Leave a comment and let me know. I’ll do my best to address it.


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  1. I agree with Susan…just what you are learning and experiencing makes for good blog topics. I have also found that writing a blog just helps to satisfy that desire to WRITE….getting those thoughts out there is fun. I should be spending more time on my WIP, but it is moving along.

    Yes, the dedication quandary! I was so honored (and surprised) when my DIL included me in her first dedication. I’m sure you’ll be shown the path to find the words for a special dedication!


    • Thank you, Sherida. I do love blogging. I think I’d rather do something more along the lines of journaling but there are some things we’re going through as a family that I just don’t feel ready to write about, although I think it would help tremendously if I’d just write about it. *g*

      What a special dedication and how neat it came from your dil.

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