My Ancestry-Tragedy Strikes (Part IV)

These next four images are all part of the same article. They deal with the investigation, the testimonies as well as trying hard to dispel any rumors.

After reading this particular article it only leaves me with more questions. The fire was so hot that it melted the glass like rain, and only portions of his torso was left, YET they were still able to identify him by his key chain, a gold tooth, his razor… oh, wait and a watch fob, yet the fire was so hot that it melted off a cast iron handle. Oh, and do you recall reading something about a Elk’s tooth in a previous article?

Things just don’t sound right. No wonder speculation as to what really happened sparked all sorts of rumors.

Oh, and imagine poor, innocent Mrs. Bowne. I always try to give people the benefit, but seriously, the poor woman went to a cabin on the lake with a married man while his wife was in the hospital having his 8th child? It was late in the evening, her husband was at the hospital as well. I’m thinking she didn’t just go there to watch him eat pickled pigs feet and shave.

To be sure, she was a real good friend of the family, but I’m wondering how Mrs. Gates felt about her after this.

I seriously don’t  think Mrs. Bowne  had anything to do with Gates’ death, or at least I don’t believe she murdered him. However, I do believe his death was suspicious. According to the story told by my grandmother, Gates was gambling with several others, including the town mayor and the sheriff. Someone got caught cheating. Whether that was Gates or Gates accused another I have no idea. I also realize that that could have been a story made up by Mrs. Gates to tell her children because it would have been much easier to accept than the fact her husband was unfaithful.

I guess we’ll never really know.

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