My Ancestry – Tragedy Strikes – My Thoughts

I find the entire situation strange. Obviously, Great, Great Grandpa Seth was involved in things he shouldn’t have been, but was his death a tragic accident, or was he murdered?

I guess we’ll never know, but according to Grandma he was murdered during a card game for calling the mayor a cheater. And given the inconsistencies in parts of the story as well as the lost evidence at the beginning of the story one has to wonder if Seth Gates might have been a sacrificial lamb to keep an even bigger scandal from spilling out onto the streets of Ludington.

In my opinion, I find it hard to believe that the body was burned beyond recognition yet the hounds’ tooth in his possession wasn’t. I find it odd that a married woman, during this era, would go to a cabin alone with a married man late in the evening and be believed to be innocent of any nefarious deeds. Seriously, what woman of good report would do such a thing, especially in this era when a woman’s virtue was everything.

What I do know is that Grandma never allowed cards in her house, and most likely because her own mother believed Seth was killed over a game of cards.

Next week I’ll introduce my Great Grandmother, Seth’s daughter. A woman who none of us knew about other than she had walked away from her only child.

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