Homeschool Books Box 1 of 3

I bought most of these used so some of them are in rough condition. Most of these were used with Sonlight in various cores 3 and 5 and a few others.  I have two more large boxes to go through as well as a few shelves. If you are looking for something in particular feel free to email me. I do have some older Sonlight guides as well as a few Five in A Row guides.  I also have some older Exploring Creation texts.


Just So Stories                                                                                   Rudyard Kipling

The Big Wave                                                                                     Pearl S. Buck

Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars                                        Albert Marrin

Shhh! We’re Writing the Constitution                                     Jean Fritz

You Want Women to Vote Lizzie Stanton                              Jean Fritz

Son of the Hounds                                                                          Robert Sutherland

The Story of Eli Whitney                                                                                Jean Lee Latham

To Kill A Mockingbird                                                                      Harper Lee

A Christmas Carol, The Chimes and Cricket Hearth            Charles Dickens

Number the Stars                                                                            Lois Lowry

The Trumpet of the Swan                                                            E V White

Anne of Green Gables                                                                   L M Montgomery

The Whipping Boy                                                                           Sid Fleischman

Anderson’s Fairy Tales

George Washington Our First Leader                                      Augustus Stevenson

Martha Washington American’s First Lady                            Jane Brown Wagoner

Stone Fox                                                                                            John Reynolds Gardeiner

Naya Nuki Shoshoni Girl Who Ran                                            Kenneth Thomasma

The Lewis and Clark Expedition                                                  Richard L Neuberger

Lord of the Flies                                                                                                William Golding

The Journeyman                                                                              Elizabeth Yates

The Witch of Blackbird Pond                                                       Elizabeth George Speare

Red Sand Blue Sky                                                                           Cathy Applegate

Water Sky                                                                                           Jean Craighead George

Phoebe the Spy                                                                                                Judith Berry Griffin

The Incredible Journey                                                                  Sheila Burnford

Henry Reed Inc                                                                                 Keith Robertson

Pocahontas and the Strangers                                                   Clyde Robert Bulla

Vostaas White Buffalo’s Story                                                    William White Buffalo

Incans, Aztecs & Mayans                                                              John Holzmann

Around the World in Eighty Days                                               Jules Verne

Julie of the Wolves                                                                          Jean Craighead George

Night                                                                                                     Elie Wiesel

Homesick My Own Story                                                              Jean Fritz

The Kite Fighters                                                                              Linda Sue Park

The Sign of the Beaver  (2)                                                          Elizabeth George Speare

Robert Fulton Boy Craftsman                                                     Marguerite Henry

The Courage of Sarah Nobel                                                       Alice Dalgliesh

Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims                                                   Clyde Robert Bulla

A Lion to Guard Us                                                                          Clyde Robert Bulla

The Skipback School                                                                       Marguerite de Angeli

Sarah Whitcher’s Story                                                                  Elizabeth Yates

They Shall be Heard                                                                        Kate Connell

Louis Braille                                                                                        Margaret Davidson

American Indian Prayer Guide                                                   Danette Maloof

Ottoa of the Silver Hand                                                                               Howard Pyle

Fine Print                                                                                             Joann Johansen Burch

Bull Run                                                                                                Paul Fleischman

Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia                                                                Margaret Cousins

Meet Thomas Jefferson                                                                               Marvin Barrett

Kidnapped                                                                                          Robert Louis Stevenson

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow                                                     Washington Irving

Rascal                                                                                                    Sterling North

The Saturdays                                                                                   Elizabeth Enright

Frankenstein                                                                                     Mary Shelley

Shadow Spinner                                                                               Susan Fletcher

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain                                              Alice Dalgliesh

Escape to the Jungle

Island of the Blue Dolphins                                                          Scot O’Dell

Calico Bush                                                                                         Rachel Field

Marie Curie and the discovery of radium                               Ann E. Steinke

Walk the World’s Rim                                                                     Betty Baker

The Prince and the Pauper                                                          Mark Twain

Call It Courage                                                                                   Armstrong Sperry

Oliver Twist                                                                                        Charles Dickens

Star of Light                                                                                        Patricia St. John

Banner In the Sky                                                                            James Ramsey Ullman

Toliver’s Secret                                                                                 Esther Wood Brady

Om-kas-toe                                                                                        Kenneth Thomasma (signed)

The Cricket in Times Square                                                        George Selden

Aladdin                                                                                                 Philip Smith

Ships, Sailors and the Sea                                                             Usborne

The Well Trained Mind (1999)

US History (1-3, 6-7)                                                                        Joy Hakim

Operation World                                                                              Patrick Johnstone

Gandhi Peaceful Warrior

India the Culture                                                                              Bobbie Kalman

India the People                                                                               Bobbie Kalman

Saint George and the Dragon                                                     Margaret Hodges

Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George                        Jean Fritz

Commodore Perry                                                                          Rhoda Blumberg

The Rat-Catcher’s Son                                                                   Carolyn London

Mr. Revere and I                                                                              Robert Lawson

Walk Two Moons                                                                             Sharon Creech

Young Fu and the Upper Yangtze                                              Elizabeth Foreman Lewis

Daughter of the Mountains                                                         Louise Rankin

100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window

Beat the Story-Drum, Pum-Pum                                                               Ashley Bryan

Silkworms                                                                                           Sylvia Johnson

The Black Pearl                                                                                  Scott O’Dell

Ali and the Golden Eagle                                                               Wayne Grover

Imprisoned in the Golden City                                                   Adoniram & Ann Judson

Swift Rivers                                                                                        Cornelia Meigs

The Master Puppeteer                                                                  Katherine Paterson

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes                                                Elenor Coerr

Li Lun Lad of Courage                                                                     Carolyn Treffinger

Journey to Jo’Burg                                                                          Beverly Naidoo

The Cat Who Went to Heaven                                                    Elizabeth Coatsworth

Neil Armstrong                                                                                 Montrew Dunham

Anna of Byzantium                                                                          Tracy Barrett

Secret of the Andes                                                                        Ann Nolan Clark


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  1. Yeah, that’s a hard choice. Some of these books I’ve had for a long time. I only have one at home now and it’s time to clear out the closets but it’s sooooo hard.

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