Book Review

Whispers on the Prairie by Vickie McDonough (review)

A City Girl Far from Home...Sarah Marshall just wants to go home. It wasn't her idea to leave Chicago and head west in search of gold, but her uncle's ambition left her no choice. Neither was her intention to settle in Kansas City with her ailing aunt, but being penniless and without possessions brings little… Continue reading Whispers on the Prairie by Vickie McDonough (review)


Scenes Inspired by Reality

Sandra Leesmith is sharing some fascinating information about the inspiration of her latest book over at Seekerville Of course, I'm often inspired by family haunts and traditions, but the scene below was inspired by a specific incident, and it's one of my favorite scenes I've ever written so far. From Love at Twenty Paces She… Continue reading Scenes Inspired by Reality


When God Moves

I'm sure there are some of you out there who just might roll your eyes at this, because honestly, who prays over their writing career this much? Well, I can tell you a lot of writers do. I've been chasing publishing since 2006. I've been actively, if you call one query letter every few months… Continue reading When God Moves


A Dedication Page (Freakout Moment)

I received an email from editor asking to provide her with a scripture (check), bio (check) and a dedication. Once my eyes hit the word dedication I freaked. Totally freaked. I got up out of my chair and started pacing, fingers shoved through my hair and tears forcing their way to the rim. How in… Continue reading A Dedication Page (Freakout Moment)

Book Review

Love by the Letter by Melissa Jagears

Dex Stanton has never had much time for book learning. He’s been too busy helping to provide for his family. Now that he’s heading west, Dex is hoping to start a family of his own. However, his attempt to acquire a mail-order bride fails miserably when the lady writes back ridiculing his terrible spelling. Rachel… Continue reading Love by the Letter by Melissa Jagears