A Dedication Page (Freakout Moment)

I received an email from editor asking to provide her with a scripture (check), bio (check) and a dedication.

Once my eyes hit the word dedication I freaked. Totally freaked. I got up out of my chair and started pacing, fingers shoved through my hair and tears forcing their way to the rim. How in the world was I to write a dedication page? Tons of names flashed through my head along with descriptive thoughts of how they helped me along the way, but what if I forgot someone? What if I used the wrong descriptive word for the wrong person?

Whoa! The pulse rate went a little crazy. Yeah, I’ve been functioning on three hours of sleep, and a bit overly stretched the last few days, but seriously, those two little things had nothing to do with my unstable emotional state, not really. I’ve dreamed about this moment since 2006. I’ve even written multiple dedication pages, you know, just in case I ever published. This was a big deal. HUGE!

I didn’t seek out any of my writerly friends who would have surely understood what was going on in my head. Instead I went straight to the one person who I was sure would think my reaction was a tad overdone. I’m proud to say he kept his cool and helped me think through it by asking the right questions, which came back to that one voice that seemed louder than all the freaked, squealing, whiny ones.

First fruits, first fruits, first fruits.

and to bring the first-fruits of our ground, and the first-fruits of all fruit of all manner of trees, year by year, unto the house of Jehovah;   Nehemiah 10:35

This passage deals with the instructions given to the Levites. It’s not one bit ironic that my hero is a Levite, nor is it one bit ironic that this particular passage says to bring first fruits of all manner of trees. This book, this tree, is my first fruit, and so after hearing that still small voice, which was much louder than the rest and my husband’s gentle guidance, I was able to write the dedication with ease, because for this book there is only one person who deserves the praise, and that is Jehovah.

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  1. I want to say that “when” I write my first published book…I will call you to bring me back down off my freaking out wall. I can’t wait to read both your book & the dedication page!!! To God be the glory; great things He has done through you.

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