Which Would You Choose?

NaNoWriMo is less than a week away and I have yet to completely decide which book I’d like to work on.  The one NaNo rule, or at least it used to, is that you have to start a new book, but I have several that are in various stages that I want to complete and I need the NaNo push to add 50,000 words to the novel.

Choice #1– ( a few chapters done but being rewritten)

A Warrior’s Love (The Guardians of Judah)

Bilhah a former priestess of Ba’al is in want of a new life, but with the order to demolish all things related to the false god there are those who would see her dead. Ianatos, a Philistine warrior, has vowed, just has his father and grandfathers before him, to protect the line of David, including the former priestess, whether she accepts the fact that she’s a princess or not and even if it means shattering his family’s reputation that has been held for generations. Through him Bilhah discovers God loves all who call on the name of the one true God, even a Philistine, but can the Philistine with an esteemed reputation such as his love her?

Choice #2– not even started

His Guardian’s Heart

After having dedicated her life to the young King Joash, Tama has been sent home. With the child no longer under her care, she begins to reminisce about the family she should have had, and begins to mourn the child she lost during child birth years before.

Esha has seen too many things slip from his grasp; his inheritance when his wastrel of a brother returned home to an over jubilant father, the woman his best friend married promptly leaving her a widow,  and now another woman he was courting to a former bondservant, which he’s not too disappointed given that he’s always wanted another, but will she forgive him for his part in her husband’s death and accept his offer of marriage or will he lose her again because the law dictates she marry her husband’s younger brother?

Choice #3– first three chapters complete

Her Merchant’s Courage (Mediterranean Seafarers)

After the death of her mother Hebrew mother and during her Philistine father’s mourning, Adi’s half-siblings sell her to a Philistine merchant and she finds herself being sold on the auction block.

Nikias, a merchant from Greece, knows more than most the horrendous conditions of being a slave, and he has no doubt the man bidding on the young woman means her harm, so he offers what he believes no man can top, but before he can discover her plight, a storm begins to roll into the port city and he must leave if he’s to meet his father’s challenge and beat his brother bac to Greece.

Can these two overcome the language barrier? Will Adi recognize Nikias’ heart for what it is? Will they both learn to rely on the one true God before it’s too late?

Choice #4– not even started

Her Sailor’s Quest

Breaking his vow to never return to the Island of Delos, Jason offers to search for his brother’s future wife’s sisters caught in the slave market to save his brother from memories of the past. And when a proposition is made for Jason to chase after a long told treasure in exchange for one of the sisters, Jason jumps at the chance.  After all he’s been looking for the treasure since he was a boy.

Miriam knows she deserves the punishment her father sentenced her to for her part in trading their younger sibling to a slave trader, however, she must gain her freedom in order to rescue another sister who is innocent of any wrong-doing, but before she can gain her freedom she’s swept from the island and out to sea for an adventure worthy of the greatest story-tellers.

Which one would you work on?

Poll closes Sunday at midnight central time.

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  1. There is a typo in the first summary. Guardians in parentheses after the title should not have an apostrophe. Some people will say I’m being petty and spiteful pointing this out. I’m an editor. I see things like this. I notice them.

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