Scratch That!

Well, I knew there was a possibility for change and so it happened. I received a call from my editor. I’m excited to announce that I have accepted an offer for Her Merchant’s Courage (aka Her Merchant’s Heart). Soooo, since I’ll be writing on deadline I’ll be switching from A Warrior’s Love to Her Merchant’s Courage during NaNo.

After the death of her mother Hebrew mother and during her Philistine father’s mourning, Adi’s half-siblings sell her to a Philistine merchant and she finds herself being sold on the auction block.

Nikias, a merchant from Greece, knows more than most the horrendous conditions of being a slave, and he has no doubt the man bidding on the young woman means her harm, so he offers what he believes no man can top, but before he can discover her plight, a storm begins to roll into the port city and he must leave if he’s to meet his father’s challenge and beat his brother bac to Greece.

Can these two overcome the language barrier? Will Adi recognize Nikias’ heart for what it is? Will they both learn to rely on the one true God before it’s too late?

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