The Results Are In

A Warrior’s Love                          50%
His Guardian’s Heart                  28.57%
Her Merchant’s Courage          14.29%
Her Sailor’s Quest                         7.14%

A Warrior’s Love

Bilhah a former priestess of Ba’al is in want of a new life, but with the order to demolish all things related to the false god there are those who would see her dead. Ianatos, a Philistine warrior, has vowed, just has his father and grandfathers before him, to protect the line of David, including the former priestess, whether she accepts the fact that she’s a princess or not and even if it means shattering his family’s reputation that has been held for generations. Through him Bilhah discovers God loves all who call on the name of the one true God, even a Philistine, but can the Philistine with an esteemed reputation such as his love her?

I want to thank all of you who participated. I wasn’t leaning one way or the other because I love each of these stories. I guess that comes with the territory after having spent so much time plotting and doing character sketches. One thing is for sure, each of these stories will get written. And prayerfully, Her Sailor’s Quest will have a much better blurb than the one it has now. For now, I’ll take the week to plan and plot some more on A Warrior’s Love, especially since I need to rewrite the first three chapters in order to better suit Love Inspired Historicals.

Speaking of, y’all might pray over this story that I can make it what it needs to be so it’ll sell too.


Again, thank you for your help. It’s much appreciated.

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