24 Days of Christmas (Giveaways)

043.jpgI love Christmas! The sights, sounds, and smells. Cool winter nights in a horse drawn carriage. Huddling beneath a cozy blanket with the love of my life. Food, The Nutcracker,  Shopping, Yeah, not so much on the shopping. Although I love giving gifts, I really dislike shopping. And wrapping. But that’s okay, I found a way to give gifts without shopping.

Right here.

Yep, right here.

To help celebrate the Christmas season, I have invited several Love Inspired authors to guest blog. Starting December 1, Love Inspired authors will tell of their favorite Christmas memory. How cool is that! Because we all like to get to know our favorite authors a little more.

Oh, and they’ll be giving away presents! Books, ornaments, gift cards.

Here is a list of the fabulous participating authors.

December 1 Gail Gaymer Martin

December 2 Jolene Navarro

December 3 Patricia Davids

December 4 Lorraine Beatty

December 5 Winnie Griggs

December 6 Katy Lee

December 7 Lily George

December 8 Belle Calhoune

December 9 Roxanne Rustand

December 10 Patty Smith Hall

December 11 Terri Reed

December 12 Debbie Kaufman

December 13 Rhonda Gibson

December 14 Virginia Carmichael

December 15 Debby Giusti

December 16 Patty Johns

December 17 Margaret Daley

December 18 Carol J. Post

December 19 Missy Tippens

December 20 Jean C. Gordon

December 21 Diane Burke

December 22 Merrillee Whren

December 23 Ruth Logan Herne

December 24 Christina Rich

*To be eligible you must comment on the author’s post and reside in the Continental United States, unless specifically stated otherwise.


8 responses to “24 Days of Christmas (Giveaways)”

  1. Way to organize this, Christina! Will look forward to reading the posts since I am familiar with many of the authors! (Will enjoy meeting new ones). Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. I love all of the Love Inspired Author’s for the simple reason that they write Awesome books with a great message without all the trashiness!! Thank God they’re are some who still hold excellent morals and values!!

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