4th Day of Christmas~Lorraine Beatty

The Winner of Patricia Davids’ Amish Christmas Joy and ornament is Jolene Navarro. The winner of a copy of Amish Christmas Joy is Lily Georg . Congratulations, Jolene and Lily. Now, on to Patricia’s Christmas memory.

beatty-HR-21I’ve had over sixty Christmas’s so trying to narrow that down to one has been a problem. Between, my childhood, my marriage, my kids and grandkids, I could fill a book with Christmas memories.

One that stands out is my first Christmas with my husband’s family. I only had one brother, and one set of grandparents, so our Christmas celebrations were very small and low key. My husband is the oldest of seven and Christmas was a huge deal in his house. His dad liked to decorate so the house was filled with tinsel and lights and candles and all things Christmas. It could have been Christmas store all by itself.

Christmas morning was pure chaos. Paper and ribbon flying everywhere eventually covering the entire floor. The gifts were simple, but everyone got tons of packages. It was the first time I saw anyone put toys and goodies in a stocking. (I usually got oranges and candy.) I knew then that when we had children of our own, our Christmas would include lots of presents and lots of decorations.

But it didn’t stop there. My mother-in-law is one of eight. Her mother was one of eight and she lived right next door. Christmas night everyone and I do mean everyone came to Grandma’s house and there were more presents. I counted the people once but lost track around one hundred. What a fun day that was and it changed my concept of family and Christmas forever. I’m so blessed to have married into the Beatty family.

book pictureWhat I’m giving away: A Mississippi Holiday. A copy of Restoring His Heart. Book#2 in the Home to Dover (Mississippi) series, a Thanksgiving romance, and bonus gift, a copy of Plantation Christmas Weddings novella collection – set in Natchez Mississippi. While not a Love Inspired book, two of the authors are LI authors. Lorraine Beatty writes Love Inspired Contemporary, Virginia Vaughan writes Love Inspired Suspense. Merry Christmas y’all.

Lorraine Beatty is a multi-published, bestselling author born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She and husband Joe have two grown sons and five grandchildren. Lorraine started writing in Junior High and has written for trade books, newspapers, and company newsletters. She writes for Love Inspired Books and Barbour Books. She is a member of RWA, ACFW and is a charter member, and past President of Magnolia State Romance Writers. Away from writing she sings in her church choir, loves to garden, spend time with her grandchildren, and travel. I love to hear from my readers.


Restoring His Heart LI April 2013

A love to build on. After he crashes his sports car into a gazebo, Adam Holbrook is sentenced to spend thirty days rebuilding it – definitely not Adam’s usual glamorous lifestyle. But when Laura Durrant the contractor scheduled to help him, shows up, everything changes. Suddenly Adam wouldn’t mind an extended sentence. And no one’s more surprised by this change in attitude than Adam. As they work amid the sawdust and sweat Laura teaches him about more than carpentry. She teaches him everything he’s missed out on – a family, a relationship with God, and maybe even love.

Plantation Christmas Weddings – Tis the Season for Romance

Christmas at Dunleith – Sylvia Barnes

City woman meets country guy when the parents of the bride and groom meet for the first time and sparks fly. Can the elegant setting and the charm of Natchez bridge the gap, and turn sparks into fireworks?

Christmas at Brandon Hall – Virginia Vaughan

When the children of an estranged couple plot a reunion at their aunts wedding, will the memories of their own special time at Brandon Hall rekindled their love or end their marriage once and for and all?


Christmas at Longwood – Cynthia Leavelle

A trip to Natchez for a friend’s wedding and to research her next novel also turns up an old friend who holds the key to her own happily ever after.

Christmas at Monmouth – Lorraine Beatty

Planning other’s dream weddings is simple, coming to terms with being jilted at her own isn’t. Until an old boyfriend arrives and shows her what real love is.

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17 responses to “4th Day of Christmas~Lorraine Beatty”

  1. Wow, Lori. That’s a lot of people in one house! Could you even move around? Thanks for a great post.

  2. Hi Lorraine! I come from a small family but married into a large one, so I know exactly what you mean by these huge holiday gatherings! Its fun but can be overwhelming.

  3. Great post, Lori. Thanks for sharing your memories. It’s wonderful how joining a new family teaches us so many things. Please don’t enter me in the giveaway since I have all of your great books. They’ll be a blessing for a new fan.

  4. Sweet, Lori. Great post! I come from a small family, too, and had the same kind of startling realization my first Christmas with my now-ex-husband’s family. Chaotic, but so much fun.

  5. Hi Lorraine,
    I love your Christmas memory. It sounded like one of those fun movies where there’s a lot of family members and Holiday madness. Love it! ***Please don’t include me in giveaway, although it looks great. Restoring His Heart is a fantastic read!

    Belle Calhoune

  6. I lived in Gulfport as an Air Force Brat so mS hold a special place in this Louisiana Girls Heart .

  7. Wow, around 100 people in one house??? I can’t even begin to picture that… My husband is the oldest of 3 (he has 2 sisters), while I am the youngest of 7, and we came from totally different backgrounds. We’ve been married 34 years now and are still trying to work through those differences, but we’ve learned over the years to compromise over the Christmas decorations. I brought a tradition or two into our marriage and we established new ones (eating Christmas Eve dinner by the light of the tree and lots of candles is one we absolutely love) as our kids grew up. It’s always fun to see how other people do it, so thank you so much for sharing! Blessings, and Merry Christmas! 🙂

  8. Great memory, Lori. I could picture you surrounded by all those relatives. I haven’t read your books, but they’ll be added to my wish list.
    Ann Guyer

  9. My youngest was robbed yesterday – and at a hospital while helping maneuver a wheelchair of all things! Stopping here to read some great uplifting memories was a PERFECT way to regain some balance. God Bless & Happy Holidays!

  10. Great post Lori!! 100 hundred plus sounds loud… LOL, yes I come from a loud family. I can’t imagine 100 of us in the same spot. But I can picture the wonderfully decorated house. Makes me want to go decorate mine 🙂

  11. I come from a big family and Christmas just isn’t the same without a bunch if people. Thanks for sharing your memories. **please don’t enter me. I have your books. 🙂 **

  12. Hello Lorraine! I’ve visited Miss. once! I come from a large extended family and love the memories of years that we all managed to get together. This will be the first year that my hubby & I will be totally alone. It will be very strange but we will be fine! Your books look great!

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