7th Day of Christmas~Lily George

The Winner of Katy Lee’s prize is Stephanie Sullivan. Congratulations, Stephanie. Now, on to Katy’s Christmas memory.

A Christmas Memory

Lily and Olivia GeorgeGrowing up, I was as enchanted by the Christmas season as every child is. But I was so enamored of it, day by day, that I was reluctant to shut off the magic of the season long enough to sleep every night. So each night, I would tiptoe downstairs and sit staring up at the tree. My mother would leave the lights plugged in, and I would just gaze at the lovely lights. I’d often gently pluck my favorite ornaments and hold them, staring at them.

We had so many wonderful ornaments. I mean, I am sure if anyone else saw them, they would hardly find them magical. But oh—how much they meant to me. What was my favorite? It’s impossible to choose. (There was a diorama ornament with a tiny Santa and his reindeer. What ever happened to diorama ornaments? They are so adorable, and no one seems to make them anymore!) Another special one was a tiny song book that opened and had a music box tucked in the back. Mine played “O Christmas Tree” and my sister’s played the “Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairy.”

I was usually alone on these midnight tree gazing excursions, but one year my sister woke up and sat under the tree with me. What a delightful treat that was, because I was able to share the loveliness of the tree and the hushed, expectant magic of the house with my sister. We played our tiny music boxes and pretended to read our ornament books aloud. Who can say what exactly made this moment so much fun? I think a lot of it had to do with being up late, with grownups sleeping soundly, and planning for the excitement of Christmas morning.

Years later, my sister sent my daughter Olivia a tiny music box ornament, one exactly like ours from childhood. And you know what? Now it’s her favorite ornament, too. I suspect that when she gets a wee bit older, I will hear Olivia scuffling around by the tree at three o’clock in the morning, enjoying her quiet moment of freedom and peace in the midst of the holiday season.

Lily will be giving away a copy of Healing the Soldier’s Heart and a handmade (by her) ornament.


Healing the Soldiers Heart Lily GeorgeHealing the Soldier’s Heart

The Soldier’s Homecoming 

Ensign James Rowland was fortunate to return from Waterloo unscathed—at least in body. But guilt from that terrible battle has left him almost mute and crushed in spirit. Only in the company of sweet, compassionate Lucy Williams, a volunteer at the Veterans’ Group in Bath, does he begin to feel happiness is within reach.

Penniless governesses can’t afford dreams of romance. Lucy Williams is resigned to lifelong spinsterhood—until James enters her life. His mother opposes the match. Lucy herself is sure the chasm between their ranks is too wide. But now that she has helped heal James, he intends to overcome every obstacle between them…and emerge victorious in the battle for her love.



*To be eligible for Lily’s presents, you must leave a comment and live within the Continental United States. Winner will be selected using Random.org. The winner will be notified Dec 8 and posted on the sidebar as well.



13 responses to “7th Day of Christmas~Lily George”

  1. What wonderful Christmas memories, Lily. I have only one childhood ornament on my tree that was passed down to me by my mom, and it’s a small Frosty the snowman ornament. The paint is chipped and he’s even missing a leg, but it’s still my most cherished ornament, and it always has a spot at the top of our tree, right under the star. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

    • Hi Stephanie! Thank you for stopping by. The oldest ornaments seem to mean the most, don’t they? We have a set of crocheted ornaments that one of my husband’s great aunts made. Nobody else wanted them, so we got them when we were married. And putting them on the tree is one of the great delights of our tree decorating!

  2. We have great memories of traveling to my grandmothers in LA for Christmas from CA. My brother and I faked sleeping and my mom said that she and my grandparents had been up all night putting everything together and under the tree and she said as soon as she crawled into bed my brother came flying into their room and made both my parents and then went to my grandparents room and made them get up so they got no sleep at all

  3. What wonderful memories with your sister of Christmas!

    My favorite ornament was a satin one with a puppy dog face. I don’t know whatever became of it, probably fell apart over time. But, I always had to have that one on the tree.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I love collecting and receiving ornaments. They each hold memories. My favorites come from my students.
    Also, I love heroine governess so I am eager to read your book. Merry Christmas.

  5. The diorama ornaments were awesome! I also remember the balls that were covered in some sort of satin or silk string.
    Every year I have each of my boys pick out a new ornament for our tree. When they have a home of their own, their ornaments – the ones that last through the years – will be gifted to them. Their “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments will probably be part of a baby shower gift. 🙂

  6. That was a beautiful memory you shared. I love seeing my kids laying under the tree and looking up through it at all the lights and ornaments. So sweet. Your book sounds so good. (BTW…our family is also iced over in the DFW area…I am really enjoying the family time).

  7. What a lovely Christmas memory. My favorite ornament is a tiny hand painted plaster lamb that my grandmother made. She had made others, but it’s the only one that survived the years. I think I love it most because it was always in our tree when I was little. When I was about 10 years old, my mother decided to put up a more modern themed Christmas tree with only white and pink/mauve ornaments. I hated it. One year a friend from school gave me a beautiful little 8 inch tree with tiny pulled glass ornaments and icicles on it. She said she felt bad that I didn’t have a real tree and thought I needed one. I so wish I still had it. When I got older I let my mother use it to decorate her desk at work, and it disappeared.

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