10th Day of Christmas~Patty Smith Hall

The Winner of Roxanne’s prize is Patty Wysong. Congratulations, Patty. Now, on to Patty’s Christmas memory.

63294_435554074573_1343831_nThe Christmas of 1983 was an exciting time for me. Newly-wed to my handsome husband, we had just moved into our very first home, a small ranch house that was perfect for a couple starting out. I worked full time at the hospital while finishing up my last few months of nursing school: Danny had landed a management  job after graduating in the spring. Our future looked bright. But our present, at least financially, was tight. With a new house comes all the lovely things that come along with being a homeowner so there was no money to really ‘deck the halls.‘ For this year, Christmas would be on a shoe-string budget.

One item our lack of funds cut was the opportunity to get a special Christmas ornament that celebrated our first year as a married couple. I wanted one so badly–something simple like a Christmas ball that had our wedding date on it that I could look at in years to come and remember this first Christmas together. But as December 25th drew closer and the money in our bank account evaporated, I knew getting such an ornament wouldn’t be possible.

2013-12-01 14.58.44The weekend before Christmas, the nurses I worked with threw a party for our floor, just a small get together for the night-shift nurses and staff before the holiday rush. Each one of us bought a dish and a small gift to exchange. We had a great time just talking–night shift on a med/surg floor stays hectic–but it wasn’t long before it was time for the crew working that night to leave. Someone passed around a bowl and everyone drew a slip of paper with a number on it that corresponded to a gift. Once everyone had a present, I picked the first bit of tape free, my heart caught in my throat. A crystal tear shaped ornament with ‘1983’ engraved into one side

The little ornament has held a place on our Christmas tree for thirty years now, through two babies, countless moves and a roller coaster ride of ups and downs that happen in every marriage, the memories of that first Christmas together sweetly lingering on even after the holiday is over and our ornament has been carefully tucked away for another year.

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Patty will be giving away a copy of her February release, Hearts Rekindled.

Patty Smith Hall has been making up stories since she was forced on boring Sunday drives into the Georgia countryside when she was too young to stay home. Now she’s happy to share her wild imagination and love of history with others, including her husband of 30 years, Danny; two smart and gorgeous daughters, and a Yorkie that she spoils like a baby. Her latest release is The Doctor’s Bride(Harlequin/Heartsong.)

*To be eligible for Patty’s book, you must leave a comment and live within the Continental United States. Winner will be selected using Random.org. The winner will be notified Dec 11 and posted on the sidebar as well.

11 responses to “10th Day of Christmas~Patty Smith Hall”

  1. Wonderful memories, Patty, and that ornament is beautiful. I bought an ornament engraved with the year my husband and I got married (1994), and it’s one of those ornaments I’ll always cherish. I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

    • Stephanie, I cherish my Christmas ornaments too! My husband always teases me about how I decorate the Christmas tree because each ornament on our tree comes with it’s own unique story and as a storyteller, it’s my obligation to share them. Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

  2. Patty, I enjoyed reading about the awesome surprise of receiving a Christmas ornament with your wedding date (year) on it. It is so nice hearing about a childhood classmate who has been successful in her marriage, career, and especially that you became a published author. I’m looking forward to reading your latest release. Wishing you continued success and a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Isn’t great how God gave you the desire of your heart, even with a little Christmas ornament. Great story! Merry Christmas Patty!

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