11th Day of Christmas~Terri Reed

The Winner of Patty’s prize is Vonda. Congratulations, Vonda. Now, on to Terri’s Christmas memory.

group 11 022 (4)When I was seven I received a Crissy doll.

Z0001593She wore an orange dress and little orange pumps, and had auburn hair like mine that grew out of the top of her head. I loved that doll. I would pretend we were twins and have tea parties with her. I had the doll until I left home at eighteen. Somewhere along the way she was lost, but she’s still my favorite childhood Christmas toy.

Her Christmas Protector

“If I can’t have you, no one will.”
Those words from her abusive ex-husband sent Faith Delange fleeing from everything familiar.  And when a bus dropped her off in the small town of Sisters, Oregon, Faith immediately found room, board and a job on an isolated ranch.  But she couldn’t tell her handsome new boss, Luke Campbell, what had her jumping at shadows during the joy of the holiday season–or what kept her out of his arms.  She’d only put his and his frail mother’s lives at stake.  Faith feared her past would never let her go.  But neither would Luke.

Terri will be giving away an ornament she made along with a signed copy of Her Christmas Protector.IMG_0742

*To be eligible for Terri’s gifts, you must leave a comment and live within the Continental United States. Winner will be selected using Random.org. The winner will be notified Dec 12 and posted on the sidebar as well.

9 responses to “11th Day of Christmas~Terri Reed”

  1. I enjoy reading your books, Terri. I do not think I owned a Chrissy doll, but I am positive I played with one. I distinctly remember enjoying her hair. I may be having a bit of childhood present envy.

  2. Terri, thanks for the wonderful memories! My sister and I had Crissy and Velvet. Just got off the phone with her reminiscing about them. Sadly, I know the fate of mine. She was the victim of jealous siblings after I married. (Think Toy Story.) The moral of this story is – take your toys with you! 😉

  3. Thank you ladies for stopping in and commenting. I blew it, I thought this post was going up today (Friday). Eeek. It has been a hectic week.
    I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

    The ornaments aren’t hard at all. I found the bulbs at Michael’s Craft Store, custom printed off my covers (that took the longest time getting the settings right) then stuffed them inside and then stuff the center with either the red crinkle paper or the snow flakes. The snow flakes made a mess so I’ll stick with the red paper.

  4. I’m in the same boat, Terri… I kept thinking all day today that mine should be coming up. I love the Chrissy doll! Love the ornament idea, too. I might have to make me some of those for the Christmas tree in my office. You know, the one I haven’t got up yet this year. LOL

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