12th Day of Christmas~Tina Radcliffe

The Winner of Terri’s prize is Kirsten. Congratulations, Kirsten. Now, on to Tina’s Christmas memory.

An Italian Christmas Memory by Tina Russo Radcliffe

Christmas table place settingMy favorite Christmas memories are those family times before I left home for the army. We always had a houseful of people. Christmas Eve was my father’s Neapolitan family (Uncle Tony, Uncle Ernie, Uncle Angelo, Aunt Annie) with homemade pasta, a nice antipasto, shrimp and squid for the evening meal. Dessert was always homemade cookies: fig cookies, pignoli (pine nut), sesame seed, wedding cakes, and pizzelles. Later we roasted chestnuts in the oven and ate them with eggnog.

Christmas Day was spent with my mother’s family, and they’re Sicilian. The family ate pasta along with ham, and eggplant parmagiana, and tossed salad. Then pies, and cakes and more cookies (People didn’t talk about cholesterol in those days). After dinner the family silently divided into two groups: the men watched football as the women did dishes (definitely a different world in those days!). Later we all watched The Ten Commandments. I come from a big family and I recall myself and all my cousins (at least ten of us) on the floor at my Aunt Josephine’s house watching TV. And because we hadn’t eaten enough, someone would always make popcorn.

Am I the only one who had to eat at the kid’s table? I never did graduate to the adult table. My family was too large.

Wow, I hadn’t thought about those memories in a very long time. Thanks for letting me share. No matter where you are for the holidays let your memories keep you warm.

TINARADCLIFFE (3)Tina Radcliffe has been dreaming and scribbling for years. Originally from Western, N.Y., she left home for a tour of duty with the Army Security Agency stationed in Augsburg, Germany and ended up in Tulsa Oklahoma. While living in Tulsa she spent ten years as a Certified Oncology R.N. A two-time RWA Golden Heart finalist and an ACFW Carol Award finalist, Tina has won first place in over twenty RWA affiliated chapter contests. Tina currently resides in Arizona where she writes heartwarming romance.

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19 responses to “12th Day of Christmas~Tina Radcliffe”

  1. Wow, reading about all that food is making me hungry lol. When I was younger our family gatherings were bigger & I used to sit with my sisters & cousins to watch a movie afterwards too. Now alot of my family are off in different states so it’s hard for us to get all together now. =(

    Thank you for sharing your holiday memory with us Tina. =)

  2. I love your holiday memories, Tina. Personally, there were a few times I had to sit the kiddie table as an adult…and I loved it. Wishing you a blessed holiday season. *Please don’t enter me in the giveaway so someone else can be blessed by it.

  3. Now im even more hungry didn’t have breakfast and now I m craving Italian great story merry christmas

  4. Tina, fun to read your yummy Christmas food memories. You reminded me of the Christmas Eve dinners at my grandparents’ tiny two-bedroom home in Kansas…with 35 relatives in attendance. Since I was one of the older cousins, I got to sit at the grown-up table…and felt very special. 🙂 I still make Grandma’s very rich date pudding every year. After reading…and loving…The Rosetti Curse, I’m hungry for biscotti and all the bakery treats!
    Christina, I’m enjoying your “24 days of Christmas” posts…..and looking forward to your debut book! How do you get those snowflakes to fall on the page? Festive!
    Merry Christmas, Tina and Christina!

    • Yes, Sherida! You’ll have to share the recipe with us in the Cafe (unless it’s a secret). 🙂 Email me if you’d be willing to take a Friday and show us how to make it.

    • Sherida, I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts. I am too! I love all these memories, many of which brought back memories of my own childhood.
      As for the snow, lol, I was looking for possible hidden comments and saw this little box with the words next to ‘let it snow’, so I check marked it. 😉 And it worked. Yes, I was surprise.

  5. Yes, Tina, we had the kids table! I was always so jealous of my oldest cousin who got to sit at the grownup table. I realized later, though, that she was probably bored! 🙂

  6. Tina, I hated the kids table. I was the oldest on my mom’s side and I always got stuck at the kids table, which happened to be a mini trampoline. What drove me crazy is that my cousin, two years younger, was always allowed at the adult table. 😉 I’ll admit I was jealous. I didn’t want to sit with all the ‘little kids’, especially since most of them were 8-10 years younger than I was. Now, I don’t mind sitting with the kids. 😉

  7. Love your Christmas memory, Tina. And yes, I had to sit at the kids table, too but I didn’t mind… I’m pretty social no matter where I’m sitting. LOL

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