13th Day of Christmas~Rhonda Gibson

The Winner of Tina’s prize is Sherida. Congratulations, Sherida. Now, on to Rhonda’s Christmas memory.
just meChristmas has always been my favorite time of the year. So it only makes sense that my favorite Christmas memory would be hard to pin point but it’s not and here’s why…

I was sixteen years old and dating a wonderful Christian young man. It was a few days before Christmas, with all the lights off accept the tree lights and the beautiful candle the angel was holding on top of the tree we were sitting under my mother’s Christmas tree. Just so you know that we were properly chaperoned mom and dad was sitting in the dining room where they could hear and see us. We talked of all kinds of things that night. How much I loved Christmas, him going back to college in a few short days and then he did the unexpected. James Gibson asked me to marry him. With the angel smiling down on us, I said YES! Anyone who knows me knows that’s how I said it, too. We waited a year and five months and then said I do. Every Christmas we turn off the lights and sit under our own Christmas tree and relive that night. It’s a night I will never forget. A memory I will forever hold dear to my heart.

Rhonda is giving away a copy of her latest release, Taming The Texas Rancher and a Christmas ornament.


Taming the Texas RancherA Race to the Altar

Though he’d never planned to wed, Daniel Westland must marry and produce a grandchild before his brother does in order to inherit the family ranch. Leave it to him to pick a mail-order bride who insists on being courted! Yet every time Daniel wonders if Hannah Young is even suited to rugged living, the petite schoolteacher shows her gumption.

What man sends away for a bride but doesn’t really want to get married? Hannah came to Granite, Texas, hoping to find love and security, and she can’t settle for less than a true partnership. If the brooding, handsome rancher can just learn to trust in Hannah, their future could be as filled with promise as this bountiful land.

Rhonda Gibson lives in New Mexico with her husband James. She has two children and three beautiful grandchildren. Reading is something she has enjoyed her whole life and writing stemmed from that love.  When she isn’t writing or reading, she enjoys gardening, beading and playing with her dog, Sheba.

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24 responses to “13th Day of Christmas~Rhonda Gibson”

  1. That is soooo sweet! Stealing it for a story. LOL.

    So Rhonda, I sat next to you at the LI dinner out at the 2012 ACFW Conference. It just struck me how nice you are. I was very shy and quiet. Love to chat with you again when I am not so intimidated by all the authors around me.

    • Tina, that’s so true! Rhonda and I struck up a conversation at the LI Meet & Greet and I felt like I’d met an immediate friend!

    • Tina, you are so sweet! I loved chatting with you too and I plan on being at the 2014 ACFW Conference 🙂 Maybe we can get together again then… or just email me anytime 🙂

  2. Wow, you were sixteen? I wonder how your parents reacted when they heard the proposal and acceptance, LOL. So romantic though! Beautiful. No surprise you write romance. 🙂 Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  3. Lol, I was totally surprised by your story. I thought you were going to say he broke your heart and went off to college and then you met James. I had no idea y’all were so young when he proposed! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing you next fall.

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