14th Day of Christmas~Virginia Carmichael

The Winner of Rhonda’s prize is BrandiD. Congratulations, Brandi! Now, on to Virginia’s Christmas memory.

 profile31My favorite Christmas memory is three-fold. My mom always made plates and plates of Christmas cookies. Sugar cookies and gingerbread men and spritzers with red hots and Russian tea cakes. I have vivid memories of how it covered one end of the dining room table!
The other memory is my dad leaving a coconut on the plate we’d leave out for Santa. As kids, we’d leave cookies. And in the morning, we’d see a coconut there! Because Santa has to cross Hawaii to get to our house, you know!! He’d drill a hole in it, drain the coconut milk, and we’d crack it open to have on Christmas day.
Another memory is of my older brother cracking walnuts from the big dish of nuts on the table during the holidays. He would crack them, pull out the nut meat, write a funny note, and carefully glue it back together. We learned to examine the nuts or we’d end up cracking one open and getting a note that said ‘GOTCHA’ instead of a tasty walnut or almond!
Thanks for letting me share those Christmas memories!! Does your family have a funny Christmas tradition?

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23 responses to “14th Day of Christmas~Virginia Carmichael”

  1. HA!!! I love the walnut, gotcha!!! Great memories, Virginia. Thanks for sharing.

    I ran into Santa in Safeway this week. Seriously. Grocery shopping. It was difficult NOT to stare. He said, “What are you looking at? Even Santa gets a day off. Mrs. Claus is busy with the elves.”

    I felt like a six year old. I was in awe.

    • We saw one at Walmart getting some gum. It was so funny because my four year old turned bright red and whispered, “Look! Santa chews gum!” I’ so glad Santa wasn’t buying anything really weird…

  2. Walt, I live in the same place I grew up: the Pacific Northwest. (Wandered the world and then came home “just for a few months”. I met my husband and… decided a few more months wouldn’t hurt. And fifteen years and 6 kids later, I’m still sort of thinking we’ll move some year. Anybody going to take bets on that happening? :D)

  3. merry Christmas! Season of Hope sounds wonderful.Please enter me in contest.Thank you for the opportunity to win .I enjoy reading your books.

  4. My mom would make spritz cookies and would make them in the shape of wreaths decorated with green (leaves) and red (berries). She used a cookie press and it was not electric. Sounds like a great read. Please enter me in the contest!

    • Exactly the kind of cookies I remember! Now I have my mom’s old cookies press and my kids love using it. I try to keep the dough chilled or the shapes turn our a little weird, but it’s definitely a sign of Christmas when the spritz cookies come out!

  5. Love the walnut story! Sounds like something one of my brothers would have done had he thought of it (and had he not considered the brunt of our parents’ anger…). We always had walnuts and/or pecans sitting in an old dish with a nutcracker (not the Christmasy decorative kind, LOL) with them. Thanks for sharing the fun memories of your family! 🙂 Merry Christmas and blessings!

    • You mean those old metal crackers that look like a set of pliers? Those are the ones! It certainly took some muscles to crack the smaller nuts, like the filberts. 😀

    • Bless you, Diana. Christmas is a wonderful holiday but it can come with really mixed feelings for a lot of us who are missing loved ones. Sending you hugs from afar.

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