Happy New Year

Forty minutes before our midnight hour as I write this. Hubs is sound asleep, the children are all at their friends, the black-eyed peas are waiting to be cooked and I’m taking a break from writing for just a short moment.

I wanted to share with you that I have my word for 2014 FOCUS, and that is exactly what I’m trying to do. I have a manuscript due in a few short days. Alright, two weeks and one day, but the number of words left to write seems like a gigantic mountain hovering before me.

Yet, I know it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s completely doable as long as life cooperates and I shove procrastination out the door. And for the time turn off that internal editor that says everything must be absolutely perfect this first time through.

Is it an easy task, no. But it’s one I’m taking on with white knuckles. See, I’ll show you, a tagless dialogue–

“We won’t make port. We’ll stay the evening here and then leave at first light.”

“What of the repairs?”

“I have no other choice. Although the woman drives me mad and I was ready to throw her to the waves only moments ago, if what you say is true about Knosis, as I now believe it to be, I can’t leave her to such a fate. I’d rather endure another year of slavery myself.”

“Nicolaus, are you certain?”


“I thought as much, ‘tis why I purchased more supplies. However, we’ll have to stop at Phaphos.”

“My thanks, my friend.”

 “What will you do when we make port at Rhodes? If Knosis has his men looking for you—”

“I have two days to consider my actions. Let us seek the will of the strangers among us. If they wish to stay in Joppa then so be it. However, if they are willing to voyage with us, they are welcome.”

See, published authors, well at least me, write crud too. So, here is my encouraging word for you, whether you are write your just living life. Sometimes you just have move forward, without that inner critic.

I’m off to write and pray, bringing in the New Year as I plan to proceed

Again, Happy New Year. May it be filled with the love of Christ and his infinite blessings.


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