Bleeding Kansas

Kansas Territory ~ Sack of Lawrence

I sure do hope y'all aren't getting tired of my Kansas posts. I know they seem to be going on forever and ever, but there was a lot going on in this territory in 1856, which eventually led up to the War between the States. If you remember from my last post, Thomas Barber, an… Continue reading Kansas Territory ~ Sack of Lawrence


My First Review

What's so cool about this is it's from one of my favorite authors! You can check it out here

Bleeding Kansas

Kansas Territory ~ Bleeding Kansas

This whole Bleeding Kansas topic is a hard one to follow. One minute Kansas was a free-state territory, the next pro-slavery, only to find themselves free-staters again. Problem was most of the pro-slavery population weren't even Kansans, they were Missourians and South Carolinians and whateverians. They weren't there for the long haul, they were there… Continue reading Kansas Territory ~ Bleeding Kansas

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Kansas Territory ~ Conflict for Freedom

If you recall from my previous post, the Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed the settlers in Kansas and Nebraska to decided through 'Popular Sovereignty' whether they would be free or slave states. But before they could become a state they first had to adopt a state constitution. A task not easy in the best of circumstances, but… Continue reading Kansas Territory ~ Conflict for Freedom


Kansas Territory~The Beginning

Kansas What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word? Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, Toto? The band who sings Dust in the Wind? Flat, treeless, sunflowers, tornadoes? Well, I can tell you that Eastern Kansas is far from flat and treeless. As for the rest, yes, we can make claims… Continue reading Kansas Territory~The Beginning


MOB Society

I am such a huge fan of the MOB Society. No, it's not what you think. I'm not a fan of the mob, although I think writing a few stories involving a speakeasy in Excelsior Springs, Mo would be awesome. The MOB Society is actually a blog 'For Moms of Boys, BY Moms of Boys'.… Continue reading MOB Society


Stephanie Snow~25th Day of Christmas Winner

Oh, my goodness! In all the hustle and bustle of the last week, and the fact that I've been trying to stay in my cave, I completely forgot to announce the winner of the 25th Day of Christmas book. And guess what I have in my hand right at this moment. Yep, that's my book!… Continue reading Stephanie Snow~25th Day of Christmas Winner

Book Review

Call of the Prairie by Vickie McDonough

I'm a Kansas girl to the core and I absolutely love reading books set in home state, especially when rich historical details are revealed in such a way that doesn't suffocate the story with information dump. In Call of the Prairie, Vickie McDonough does just that. Sophie Davenport fears life is passing her by. Her… Continue reading Call of the Prairie by Vickie McDonough