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Susan Page Davis croppedThe Charm Bracelet is a lighthearted romance in which Lisa Archer, a commercial artist, comes to terms with her love life. The man she has been dating for several years, Bryan, had gifted her with a lovely charm bracelet. Though he keeps adding to her collection of charms, Bryan seems to have no plans for marriage.

We learn early in the book that Lisa is dissatisfied with Bryan’s apparent indifference to faith. He refuses to go to church with her after she moves to the city for her new job and to be closer to him. That’s only one factor in her choice of a life mate, but it’s important to Lisa. She wants her marriage to be based on a foundation of faith.

On her second meeting with Steve, the EMT who responded when her charm bracelet got stuck in an escalator, Lisa learns that he regularly goes to church with his sister. This contrast to Bryan’s attitude disturbs her. She feels disloyal for comparing her longtime boyfriend unfavorably to someone she just met.

Though Steve at first annoys her, Lisa is attracted to him. She won’t admit for months how strong that attraction is, until she learns that Steve is also a praying man. That seems to clinch it for Lisa, and she knows he has her heart.

Lisa and Steve’s spiritual life is not the main plot of this story, but my readers know I would find a story without it unrealistic. Most people, when choosing a spouse, give spirituality at least some consideration. For most Christians, it’s a deal-breaker.

I often get questions from readers and even publishers about how much spiritual content my books have. One woman emailed me a few months ago to ask about it. I replied confidently that all my books except two (the children’s book Feather, which has morality and family values but no overt Christian content; and Mailbox Mayhem, which was originally published in a secular magazine).

Imagine my dismay when she replied, “I’m looking for books without Christian content.” I gulped and told her, “This is what I write.” But to avoid surprising readers, I try to clearly label my book descriptions as Christian or as having “elements of faith.” Even so, sometimes I am criticized for having either “too much” or “too little” spiritual content, depending on the story and the reader’s preference. I hope that you will enjoy this as a good story with a sweet romance and yes, a thread of Christian faith.

The Charm Bracelet coverBack cover copy:

The Charm Bracelet

When Lisa Archer’s charm bracelet is caught in a mall escalator, she is rescued by a flippant but dashing EMT. Steve Rollins seems to understand only too well Lisa’s mixed feelings toward her escort, Dr. Bryan Cooper, who gave her the bracelet. Lisa and Steve meet again, and the sparks fly. Steve is sure Lisa hates him, and Lisa can’t help comparing vibrant Steve to mediocre Bryan, although Steve makes her furious every time she sees him. She tells Bryan she no longer wants to wear the charm bracelet, angering Bryan, and both are injured in an auto accident. When Steve responds to the emergency call and finds that Lisa is one of the accident victims, his guilt weighs him down. Will he have the chance to ask Lisa’s forgiveness and start over in his clumsy attempts to win her heart? With a lot of prayer and some manipulation from Steve’s sister, he may be able to charm his way into Lisa’s life.

This romantic novel has elements of Christian faith. The book also includes a bonus short story, “Wandering Irises,” by Susan Page Davis.

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Susan Page Davis is the author of more than forty novels, in the romance, mystery, suspense, and historical romance genres. A Maine native, she now lives in western Kentucky with her husband, Jim, a retired news editor. They are the parents of six, and the grandparents of nine fantastic kids. She is a past winner of the Carol Award, the Will Rogers Medallion for Western Fiction, and the Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award. Visit her website at: .

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