One Day!!!

One day left until the release of The Warrior’s Vow! I’m pretty excited. Romantic Times Reviews gave it 4 Stars, which is absolutely awesome!!!

Sarah posted and awesome review on her blog Thank you, Sarah!

Today I’m taking off my writer’s hat at The Sword and Spirit and talking about Hosting God. It’s an important subject. I’m also giving away a copy of The Warrior’s Vow there.

You’ll also find various interviews this week at Inner Source, Writing Prompts and The Most Important Thing. I’ll be posting links to those throughout the week on my facebook and I’ll add them here as they go live.

I want to thank all of you for your constant support, encouragement, and prayers.

2 thoughts on “One Day!!!”

  1. So excited about your book birthday tomorrow! And CONGRATULATIONS on the RT 4*!!!!

    As I told you earlier, we just got back from vacation. I’m LOVING The Warrior’s Vow and will post reviews just as soon as I finish it. I’ll twitter tomorrow about the launch.

    Wishing you abundant success with your newest book! Blessings!

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