20150609_135129Thank you to each of you who commented. I love each era mentioned within the comments, but I do have my favorites. When I started writing several years ago, I wrote a Regency, with a Scottish hero, of course. Then I wrote a Border story, with a Scottish hero. A MacGregor. So, as you can tell I love Scottish heroes!!!

I remember a friend asking me once if I’d ever write stories set in Kansas. No way, absolutely not. And guess what? In 2009 I plotted a Western/Americana story set right in my backyard.

And obviously y’all know I love ancient history. I wouldn’t write it if I didn’t.

As you can imagine it wasn’t easy for me to choose a winner, so I ended up using random.org. Anna Weaver Hurtt, your story idea has won!!!

However, the rest of you aren’t going away empty handed. If you didn’t leave me email address, please do so here or contact me at christinainspirationals @ gmail dot com with your snail mail and the name you’d like Captive on the High Seas signed to and I’ll get those out in the mail.

The rest of you, I love your ideas. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to complete six stories by July 7, especially since I have a few (self-imposed) writing deadlines to meet. Keep watching this blog, as I come up with blurbs for the various era-inspired story lines, I will post them here.

I already have several ideas running wild in my head, so who knows, maybe I’ll surprise myself and get them all done.

Again, thank you for participating. Support means everything to an author.

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